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A message from Columbia College President Scott Dalrymple

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I’m reaching out to offer support to our campus community. As you are likely aware, a  Presidential executive order was signed and put into effect over the weekend that made changes to the rules governing visas and entry to the United States for certain countries. This is a fluid situation, but I want to be clear that Columbia College welcomes all of our international students regardless of their nationality or religious background. We are a diverse and inclusive college community spanning the entire country with students from around the globe, and it is important that all members of our community know they are valued. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is carefully monitoring this situation, with our students and the larger college community in mind. 

If you have questions, please know that you can contact our International Student Services office (573-875-2756 or, our Student Affairs office (Dave Roberts, interim dean,, 573-875,7690), our Diversity, Equity  & Inclusion Committee chair (Keith McIver,, 573-875- 7550) or, of course, you are welcome to contact me directly as well.    

I want to be clear that our international students, faculty and staff are valued and supported by leadership at Columbia College.   


Dr. Scott Dalrymple

President, Columbia College

(573) 875-7200


  1. As a faculty member at a branch campus, I commend Dr. Dalrymple for speaking out. As always, education should know no borders, nationalities, or religions. The pursuit of knowledge has no borders, no religious test, nor racial designation.

  2. As a Columbia College parent, I want to express my gratitude and support to Dr. Dalrymple for speaking out on behalf of the international community at Columbia College. I am proud that my daughter is part of such an inclusive community. Thank you for reinforcing the values of tolerance & liberty that we hold dear.

  3. As our nation is undergoing some pretty radical issues. I would like to say as a student. Thank you! I would not want anyone to pass judgement on me because of my skin color or religion. I do not allow my son to do so, and I think our president should rethink his actions.

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