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In Tune with Online

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In Tune with Online

Editor’s Note: This story was included in the latest edition of Affinity Magazine. Click here to check out the magazine in its entirety!

Columbia College was on the leading edge when it launched its Online Education program in 2000.

Dr. Piyusha Singh, Columbia College’s vice president of Online Education

In the nearly two decades since, as online course offerings and degree tracks have become ubiquitous in higher education, Columbia College has still found ways to maintain its position as an innovator.

Dr. Piyusha Singh, Columbia College’s vice president of Online Education, doesn’t need to rely on anecdotal evidence to know this is true. She has seen tangible proof when her staff works with the software renderers who help produce the school’s online course offerings.

These engineers work with hundreds of other schools across the country and, if what Columbia College requested for its course models was commonplace, the renderers would already have a plan for it.

“We have to do a lot of custom solutions,” Singh says. “So that tells me we’re a little ahead of the game.”

The average online students are decidedly different from the ones who populate more traditional college settings.

They’re predominantly adult learners, resuming their education after some sort of hiatus following high school or part of a college career. Some, such as Columbia College’s sizable military community, don’t always have easy access to a physical location in which to take classes, so they need the ability to learn wherever is most convenient.

They’re far more likely to have families, careers and other obligations outside of school, meaning they prioritize having the flexibility to dictate when they get their schoolwork done. They seek out classes and degrees that have practical applications, so they can more easily advance in their current profession or jump to another one.

Just like more traditional students, they put a lot of themselves into their education. They expect a lot in return.

“They are people who have more life experiences, sometimes have had more educational experiences. They want to be taught in a different way,” Singh says. “Adult students want to bring something to the table and help you make sense of what they have experienced. They want to get a combination of their life, what they know and what you are teaching them.”

Singh says adult students also tend to be less tolerant of what she calls “jumping hoops.”

“That goes back to them having a lot more demands on their time,” Singh says. “If you’re going to make an adult student do something, you had better be clear about why. You need to really be respectful of their time and resources.”

Singh came to Columbia College as its first vice president for Online Education in 2015. Since then, her focus has been normalizing the online experience for students, so that they can more easily find the resources they need and become familiar with a similar format throughout all Columbia College online classes.

Quality, all across the board.

“We think very carefully about the student. We are very careful about the academic content,” Singh says. “From the beginning to the end, we’re constantly asking ourselves, ‘What are the students supposed to get out of this? How do we get them there?’”

The Students

During the Fall 2016 semester, 73 percent of Columbia College students took at least one course online. A majority of them combined their online education with in-seat offerings.

These online students came from all 50 states and 23 countries. The average age for these students was 33 years old, 11 years older than the average Day Campus student and four years older than the average Evening Campus student.

Online Education students boasted an average GPA of 2.83, which compared favorably with the marks for Day (2.98), Nationwide (2.85) and Evening (2.76).

Dr. Yelena Francis has been teaching Russian language and culture courses online for Columbia College since 2012. She doesn’t see her online students face-to-face, as she does the pupils who take the in-seat classes she teaches for other schools around her home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. But she knows online students have the same desire and aptitude.

“The students who have a strong will and dedication, they can organize their studies and they’re disciplined enough to be good both in-seat classes and online,” Francis says. “Once they’ve experienced it, they’ve seen how their studies can combine their potential family obligations and, at the same time, study so hard. You can do both.”

Whether an online student is 19 or 65 years old, living in Miami, Florida, or Oak Harbor, Washington, the goal, Singh says, is to bring them all under the Columbia College umbrella. That means everything from organizing the homepage in a way that makes key links easy to find, to ensuring that adjunct instructors and the support staff at Federal Hall in downtown Columbia, Missouri, are accessible and able to address students’ needs.

“We’re always looking to support our students in ways that keep them motivated and keep them aware of their options and kind of humanize the experience as much as possible,” says Amanda Harms ’04, an online academic advisor. “It’s easy for online students to start feeling detached or distanced from the school. We all have a role in making sure the student feels supported and connected to Columbia College.”

The Instruction

During the 2015-16 school year, Columbia College offered 3,561 course sections over its 388 accredited online classes. The school employs 653 adjunct faculty members to teach in its 27 accredited online degree programs.

If a prominent degree field is missing from the offerings, it may well be there in the near future. With the founding deans and new three-school structure — Business Administration; Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences; and Natural Sciences & Mathematics — taking effect across all Columbia College venues in 2016, Singh expects online offerings will only become more robust.

“The deans are really going to look at what their offerings are and where they think we can see some growth,” Singh says. “They work with [our departments of Adult Higher Education] and Online to create these different courses and programs and roll them out. We do definitely look at who we’re going to serve with them.”

To ensure the continued quality of the courses, the curriculum is approved by the full-time faculty at Columbia College. They oversee course content and testing to make sure it’s living up to the school’s standards.

As the 2017 Spring Semester drew to a close, Francis was in the midst of the second round of editing for her next Russian Culture and Society course, the same process every online instructor goes through.

Crib courses, they are not.

“I need to give the students who enroll more general features in a more concentrated way,” Francis says. “I try not to overload them on the one hand and not to make it too diluted on the other. It is difficult to find the golden middle line, but I have to for the students to be in a more comfortable way of studying.”

Francis also makes it a habit to learn from her students, to keep lines of communication open so that she can see what is working for them and what needs to be adjusted. Even though she can’t point to a raised hand, she can still aid through email, posts on discussion boards or phone calls.

Singh puts a premium on responsiveness for online instructors. She has taught online classes before, so she knows what a time drain it can be for students to reach you at all hours of the day. But she also knows that one of the main perks of online learning is the flexibility, the fact that a student can put something on hold momentarily if life gets in the way.

As such, instructors need to be responsive and cultivate relationships.

“The knock on online is you don’t see your faculty member,” Singh says. “But I would argue that when you have an engaged faculty member, you can ‘see’ them more often and get more instruction from them [than in-seat classes]. It’s just more continuous, instead of broken up into a certain time at a certain week.”

The Future

Not long ago, Singh says, employers may have looked down on a degree earned online. Now, with a few exceptions, that’s no longer the case.

Some employers even encourage their staff to pursue online degrees through tuition subsidies. They can receive vocational training without having to take time away from work.

“What’s more important now is the reputation of the institution,” Singh says. “Frankly, I think employers have started to see the value of online degrees.”

Columbia College, with its accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission, checks that box. The new six-session format introduced across all venues in 2016 also makes it so that devoted adult learners who want to take an accelerated path to a degree can earn an associate degree in just more than 18 months, a bachelor’s in less than 3 1/2 years and a master’s in less than a year.

The school has put in the groundwork to stay at the vanguard of online education. Singh says that, while nobody can foresee the future, she feels as if Columbia College is well-positioned to meet whatever comes next.

One national trend she has her eye on is a move toward personalized or adaptive learning, in which educational software can drill and test students on the more rudimentary aspects of a subject — and provide more information if needed — to get them to a level of competency where the instructor can delve into more complex concepts. Another trend is toward “competency-based education,” in which instructors focus less on evaluating a student after a specific timeframe and more on evaluating how long it will take a student to gain a mastery of the subject.

“For somebody it might mean four weeks, somebody else eight weeks, somebody else 16 weeks,” Singh says. “How can we get to a more mastery and competency-based review of what we do?”

Technology has already given online students the ability to keep up with their studies on their cell phones. The Online Education program staff has already taken steps to make the path to a Columbia College degree more user-friendly.

To Singh, adjusting to whatever comes next in online education is still going to rely heavily on a rather antiquated concept.

“Good old, plain, solid, engaging faculty instruction,” Singh says. “The good part about online education is you can do it anywhere. The bad part is, when you can do something anywhere, you sometimes don’t do it. Having good faculty who really are invested in students — the bread and butter of education — is still important.”

COMMENTARY: Be a better leader/supervisor – “get over yourself!”

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COMMENTARY: Be a better leader/supervisor – “get over yourself!”

By Dr. Shanda Davis, Dean of the Columbia College School of Business Administration

via the Columbia Daily Tribune

“We can all probably provide examples of work situations in which there was that ONE person! The person who seemed to get by with poor performance – whether it was rude behavior, multiple mistakes, tardiness, etc., etc., which seemed to go unaddressed by management/supervision, but was certainly not unnoticed by fellow workers. “How do they get by with that?” being a question you would hear repeated about that particular employee. Often it seems that others resigned themselves that this particular person just got by with behavior or performance that everyone else recognized as subpar. It was demoralizing, discouraging and contributed to an unhealthy work environment. So why did it happen and why was it allowed to continue?” 

Click here to read more! 


Spring 2017 Semester dean’s list announced

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Spring 2017 Semester dean’s list announced

Congratulations to the following students who were named to the Columbia College dean’s list for the Spring Semester (January-April 2017)! To be named to the dean’s list, a student must have completed 12 semester hours in a 16-week period and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0-point scale.

Coast Guard Island | Crystal Lake | Day Campus | Denver | Elgin | Evening Campus | Fort Leonard Wood | Fort Sill | Fort Stewart | Fort Worth | Freeport | Guantanamo Bay | Hancock Field | Hunter Army Airfield | Jacksonville | Jefferson City | Kansas City | Lake County | Lake of the Ozarks | Lemoore | Los Alamitos | Mesquite | Moberly | NAS Jacksonville | NS Everett/Marysville | Online Education | Orlando | Patrick Air Force Base | Redstone Arsenal | Rolla | Salt Lake | San Diego | San Luis Obispo | Springfield | St. Louis | Whidbey Island


Coast Guard Island – California

First Name
Last Name
Kurt Kuntzmann
Claire Wynkoop
Mariah Beaudoin
Tenari Brown


Crystal Lake – Illinois

First Name
Last Name
Jessica Maka
Jim O’Donnell
Katelyn Beeksma
Lorrie Janeczko
Katherine Richter
Kristin Molyneux
Alex Karlin
Alma Landa
Kayla Knaak
Lisa Buechel
Angel Torres
Zackery Sujak
Carissa Stauss
Joanna Sasiadek
Mindy Auld
Jenna Ehrhardt
Blake Dust
Nathalia Henrickson
Kent Groves
Janelle Dunivan
Renee Trojan
Rosemary Arnold
Grant Bidwell
Amanda Allen
Daniel Harridge
Zachary Vande Logt
Ashley Bonni
Yazmin Aceves
Kaitlyn Dorsey
Nicole Liebmann
Tamara Barrera
Jennifer Chicas
Nicole Harris
Phillip Bridges
Brittany Rollins
Kenneth Wiltse
Luis Caba


Day Campus – Columbia, Missouri

First Name
Last Name
Gabriela Walton Lecompte
Rachel Gilroy
Joshua Morrison
Anastasia Jung
Jesse Brown
Grey Hayes
Michael Bowen
Reed Sprinkle
Nicolas Reynolds
Jessica Marron
Leah Hoveln
Brandon Root
Allison Krieg
Kelsey Snider
Chloe Tiemann
Nathan Biggs
Taylor Emery
Abigail McCracken
Allison Rieske
Samantha Meyer
Samantha Cavlovich
Samantha Gamache
Seth Schenck
Paige Garrett
Clara Hagedorn
Gabrielle Edwards
Joshua Vitoux
Jacklyn Erger
Evan Johnson
Elizabeth Schimpf
Erin Weaver
McKenzie Gamache
Theresa Decosty
Brittany Fangrow
Lauren Lagemann
Hannah Sutton
Rachel Sullivan
Michael Twellman
Alexis Russell
Anna Weeden
Marisa Reinhold
Emilee Hanne
Alix Ray
Emily Bouldin
Caitlynn Metze
Michael Hazelwonder
Abbegail Robinson
William Vanboening
Kayla Poeling
David Delia
Alyssa Riefesel
Cameron Durst
Kayla Merrell
Cassidy Johnston
Jarrett McCarty
Sawyer Tarr
Mercedes Nute
Katy Cook
Claire Whitney
Raegan Wieser
John Meyer
Timothy Fox
Zachary Felz
Hayden Ludwig
Natalie Dummitt
Hannah Crone
Emily Holt
Joseph Gorombey
Claudia Wall
Lauren McCroskie
Landon Parker
Jacob Thompson
Klarissa McAuley
Bailey Parks
Rebecca Whitworth
Jacob McGinnis
Mollie Wilson
Calah Tackett
Ashley Stiefermann
Zach Burns
Ashley Wood
Tanner Atteberry
Morgan Bowden
Jade John
Kaitlyn Tambke
Christine Chase
Lori Acock
Jordan Hampton
Jesse Simpson
Charlie Hollingsworth
Grace Young
Kelsey Farley
Spencer Wolf
Olivia Little
Ryan Gettler
Jordan Poire
Allyson Metz
Abigail Beshuk
Alyssa Large
Elaine Nelson
Tausha Reed
Justin Odonnell
Kiley Frazier
Cecelia Peters
Morgan Downes
Zoe Parker
Brooke Wooten
Molly Klein
Jessica Scott
Brianna Thompson
Hope Grob
Michael Mehrhoff
Jillian Staton
Julia Rages
Jordan Ulrich
Kaitlyn McHughs
Logan Moore
Theodore Stokes
Samuel Emerson
Kathleen Wright
Sandy Chaidez
Emily Deeken
Omara Ouk
Dung Pham
Anna Remus-Tamerius
Michael Wampler
Molly Carter
Johnny Tadzhibayev
Samantha Thiry
Holli Dieker
Nam Le
James Le
Rachel McKernan
Lacey Kennedy
Miriam Hyde
Eric Levine
Hannah Warburton
Christy Swartz
Kevin Weston
Kavita Surapaneni
Krystian Burlinski
Devin Sander
Jordyn Kendall
Jessica Baldwin
Abigail O’Brien
Anna Ralls
Afifa Saburi
Kristen Tucker
Abigail Brown
Tanner Cranford
Tiffany Weaver
Narges Zare
Kelsey Perry
Jackson Dubinski
Gabrielle Mistretta
Molly-Mae Godwin
Laurie Frew
Megan Carlyle
Joseph Koetting
Kaitlyn Cook
Landon Miller
Andrew Pieper
Sophia Redelfs
Ashley Rippeto
Prince Chingarande
Kelsey Mirts
Roberto Caputo
Renee Brochu
Bret Weise
Jeani Stannard
Edward Jose
Nell Chronister
Danielle Hrdina
Michael Nichols
Andrew Schnagl
Alexandra Flakne
Friederike Dorothea Caroline Albrecht
Genevieve Rothwell
Todd Roberts
Zachary Hutchinson
Jason Mathews
Briana Winn
Lucy Kingsley
Rory James
Brooke Williamson
Bailey Humphreys
Hannah Stambaugh
Thomas Skosky
Rotshak Dakup
Akhil Noel
Khanh Nguyen
Matija Ceraj
Martha Imoniana
Peiyi Liu
Ai Van Nguyen
Saskia Cairnes
Tanisha Lyngdoh
Johanna Mueller
Peter-Klemens Grafe
Deanne Emde
Rachel Emde
Allison Hodge
Zachary McAdams
Daymond Dollens
Victoria Parsons
David Holliday
Katie Blake
Jennifer Hill
Michaela Horstman
Rachel Guse
Austin McBee
Theresa Fuemmeler
Tara Fuemmeler
Mason McCaleb
Elizabeth Brush
Brianna Bogucki
Rebecca Reed
Alexander Roberts
Lauren Richardson
Courtney Bales
Yoko Lea
Carlie Carothers-Black
Jordan Sayre
John Heimann
Anthea Rackley
Kerigan Wessing
Laura Rowe
Sarah Walters
Kaleena Logan
Caroline Kelly
Oran White
Nathan Perkins
Emma Laney
Reagan Paterson
Ashlee Marlatt
Alexis Uffmann
Shannon Gordes
Wade Howser
Bryan Nelson
Alyson Goodale
Brandon Hattaway
Lauren Adams
Carlie Howe
Stacie Torske
Allison Garcia
Iain McTurk


Denver – Colorado 

First Name
Last Name
Jeramie-Anne Kream
Tayla Gatewood
Onon Enkhtaivan
Long Nhan Pham Nguyen
Barsha Dahal
Amanda Arias
Donald Haggitt
Eunice Huff
Jordan Isaacs
Richard Duskey
Brian Long
Bishal Shrestha
Eric Reschke
Myles Crane
Jenna Long
Rafia Sagheer
Qubeen Ranabhat
Katelyn Abbott
Oyunbileg Tamir
Rohit Suwal
Cindy Wright
Reema Khatri
Ngim Chhamji Sherpa


Elgin – Illinois 

First Name
Last Name
Troy Davidson
Nicholas Hackl
Amanda Hinojosa
Rachel Kinderknecht
Agnieszka Kurzawa
Ashley Dominguez
Khamla Khoxayo
Charles Mercurio
Robyn Stanke
Briannon Schmidt
Claire Bechard
Geraldine Rabey
Kristen Kolodziejski
Stephanie LeRoy
Jose Alvarado
Taylor Lantz
Deizy Horta
Alexandra Fischer
Christina Aagesen
Robert Smith
Janet Gavina
Cassie Wheeler
Katharine Chitwood
Tabitha Lunsford
Jarveen Pearson
Yolanda Del Real
Isaac Phillips


Evening Campus – Columbia, Missouri

First Name
Last Name
Rodnese Jones
Nicolas Cook
Niki Freie
Nicole Phillips
Brett Peukert
Victoria Whitaker
Riley Hedberg
Annie Carpenter
Jack Burris
Heather Willman
Edward Harrison
Nichole Murphy
Heather Williams
Kena Lederle
Francesca Nichols
Amy Reed
Carman Seay
Sabrina Blankenship
Carolyn Brewer
Kyle Simpson
Alexis Berhorst
Jennifer Cuvillier
Emily Smith
Chelsea Strope
Brian Smith
Tatyana Salaz
Derik Yeager
Erika Furlong
Matthew Loring
Reba Babicky
Jacqueline Marcink
Beau Eudaly
Ebony Ross
Olatunde Opakunle
Jessica Aversman
Matthew Pry
Chelsea Urie
Jeremy Simkins
Nghia Manning
Laura Dykstra
Gavin O’Blennis
Cynthia Post
Jason Province
Amy Mason
Jodi Ellis
Patricia Creason
Amanda Group
Leslie Campbell
Barbara Raines
Aaron Timma
Angela Hills
Megan Tupper
Abbie Lewis
Amy Strother
Courtney Grissum
Jacalyn Leake
Jenna Stewart
Philip King
Shawn Oberhaus
Linda Moss
David Roberts
Heidi Buxton
Chloe Perkins
Breanna Market
Claire Jeffery
Daryn Stark
Crystal Peterson
Beth Ellison
Nicholas Leonhard
Wenyu Wu
Nicolas Gorham
Derek Landes
Breanna Heidari
Carrie Shackelford
Keegan Ehler
Michael Timpe
Alan Quinones
Tatianna Todd
Jacob Murta
Jeremy Smith
Kerri Payne
Savannah Marlett
Seth Henry
Mendy Mackey
Ashley Meyerpeter
Megan Wampler
Rhys Minnick
Ciera Spencer
David Harper
Lorie McWilliams
Christopher Green
Jeremy Martin
Crystal Nelson
Jacob Vitale
Angela Gay
Melissa Boggan
Taylor Collins
Jesse Beshears
Tiffany Davis
Gwendolyn Cousin
Cristina Newman
Raul Aguilar


Fort Leonard Wood – Missouri

First Name
Last Name
Aleksandar Trenchovski
Maria Howard
Gerardo Sanchez
Melvin Cherry
Jackeline Casanova
Kenneth Carman
Anna Parton
Steven Nard
Brook Townsend
Mary Box
Shawndelin Hall
Brenda Lewis
Janet Serna
Diana Dickinson
Brittney Evelyn
Daniel Arnold
Kristie Williams
Meredith Bahr
Serge McAvoy
Romario Dixon
Justin Keziah
Sean Matteson
Arthur Alvarez
Alexus Vire
Timothy Johnson
Sharon Greathouse
Adam McCroy
Othoniel Brown-Ramos
Reina Donna Carrillocirilo
Hannah Siegel
Aaron Oakes
Tervon Dorsey
Marquis Dorsey
James Johnson
Jeremy Martin
Thomas Feagin
Taylor Olson
Steven Hughes
Edita Thomas
Rhonda Nordeoff
Amanda Weibring
Maria Paramo
Emma Hargrow
Karen Shackleford
Zackery Williams
Justin Chadbourne
LaShondra Kendrick
Christopher Janes
Leonard Turnbough
Gerald Clinton
Demeeka Cobb
Nancy Nogueras
Shelly Tester
Danielle Civitello
Jarred Zalewski
Jennifer Carpenter
Clayton Nagel
Christopher Thornley
Tanya Sheffield
Joseph Weibring
Javier Vara
Carl Rogers
Jackline Sandlin


Fort Sill – Oklahoma 

First Name
Last Name
Milton Morales
Dejavon Torres
Bobbi Case
Ingrull Sherman
Brandon Garrett
Nilsa Gonzalez
Billy Vance
Andrew McCaslin
Maira Sanchez


Fort Stewart – Georgia

First Name
Last Name
Tyrone Conyers
Sabrina Schuller
Tyson Knotts
Debbie Speed-Simmons
Kawana Wilcox
Rocio Rodriguez
Frank Garner
Michael Johnston
Saudi Plowdeniz
Roger Jones
John Williams
Nicole Morris
Bruce Battle
Kiesha McLean
Gwendolyn Clark
Charles Stephens
Boubacar Ndiaye
Jessica Ledford
Tonja Watson
Todd Hamm
Enrico Maschino
Latoya Bacon
Rayniel Johnson
Staycee Thomas
Monique Chessier
Philip Laurel
Leticia Inniss
Mary Clark
Katelyn Rawls
Gabriel Gomezalmonte
Christopher Jones
Abena Kankam
Charity Greer
Sydney Oden
Leslie Cobb
Jean Ronoh
Annette Mitchell
Leonard Russell
Crystal Holthaus
Vanessa Silverman
Amber Phinney
Ray Jones
Jennetta Hill
Sarahanne Dalton
Cory Earl
Isaih Thomas
Jenelle Palmer
Betty Jones
Tiffany Brown
Derek Allen
Delese Garrett
Donavan Cann
Cullen Dixon
Jacob Sparrows
Jessica Joshua
Kash McKinney
Kimberly Jenkins
Nadja Hollister
Alana Barton


Fort Worth – Texas

First Name
Last Name
Morgan Dandreano
Van Bayless
Donald Pruitt
Greg Ellerman
Bruce Harding
Albany Harris
Jason Carlson
Michele Duncan-Grays
Pedro Vasquez
Jessica Kelly
Marcell Smith
Leon Daniels
Agustin Gurrusquieta
Anthony Mrha
Bethany Jones
Jennifer Thompson
Kevin Shirley
Guadalupe Rangel
Mark Johnson
Zechariah Underwood
Randall Cummings
Christine Landers
Crystal Boykins
James McHugh
Collin Robinson
George Kinlein
Mladenka Baki
Jason Fowler
Christopher Guerrero
Allen Jackson
Chad Jackson
Douglas Moebus
Courtney Bieghler
Norma Myers
Oscar Camarillo
Porsche Thompson
Erica Bennett
Donovan Waldrop
Christen Beniak
Vickie Doane
Amanda Buckler
Monique Alston


Freeport – Illinois

First Name
Last Name
Leah Dixon
Lauren Jacobs
Elizabeth Wilson
Joseph Nagel
Grayce Rademaker
Alyssa Hess
Nina Harrigan
James Gaereminck
Jennifer Derouin
Paul Cardona
Jodi Taylor
Marta Pearson
Phillip Kneeland
Teresa Sadar
Lucille White
Margarita Perez
Amanda Clark


Guantanamo Bay – Cuba

First Name
Last Name
Melissa Battle
Justin Garza
Justin Oleson


Hancock Field – New York

First Name
Last Name
Cory Hisel
Wayne Smith
Casey Schumacher
Kelly Carley
Alisha Kent
Jaclyn Rawlins
Victoria Dwyer
Martha Reynolds
Anthonia Butcher
Tonya Erhart
Sean Behm
Jessica Webber
Anthony Racciatti
Kimberly Johnson
Amanda Akin
Alex D’ Amore
Amanda Santaferra-Mccarthy
Andrew Watling
Gabrielle Giocondo
Shannon Hampton
Monica Shaw
Olivia MacNaughton
Molly Sowers
Nathaniel Brown
Maria Maldonado
Samantha Wightman
Lawrence Partlow
Kevin Monds
Douglas Murdie
Lisa Forbes
James Snell
Richard Accardi
Heather Wyatt
Erik Sexton
Tyler Heggelke


Hunter Army Airfield – Georgia

First Name
Last Name
Peter Eady
Anthony Orr
Jeanclaude Disney
Stephen Tonge
Francisca Dearman
Khieda Brown
Christopher Colvin
Samantha Rietzke
Tammie Hardy
Nikolle Johnson
Anthony Lott
Lysa Lott
Jessica Schulze
Michael Thomas
Miguel Rivera
Sergio Ahuyon
Anna Coggins
Odrae Barrett
Christina Yarborough
Sharonda Guzman
Patrick Walker
Timothy Green
Crystal Marrero
Lazaro Rodriguez
Aaron Dickerson
Jared Standridge
Anthony Ford
Kami Jackson
James Froncak
Paul Lamanna
Arverna Slaughter
Daysha Whyte


Jacksonville – Florida 

First Name
Last Name
John Roberts
Matthew Sherrill
Shana Bell
Jovanni Charlton Crowl
Joseph Starr
Marie Grace Calinisan
Francene Coakley
Charlotte Harris
Anastacio Gonzalez
Lana Bagaturov
Mary Peoples
Steven Hollis
Briauna Green


Jefferson City – Missouri

First Name
Last Name
Diana Haines
Jennifer Kremer
Mary Niemeier
Terri Pearson
Adam Weis
Zachary Kueffer
Shawna Rippee
Kelsey Boeckman
Caitlan Elley
Carrie Herold
Tyna Chavez
Tiffany Farris
Robert Lueckenotte
Elizabeth Anderson
Jasmine Willett
Alexander Luebbert
Hailey Stumpe
Margaret Ponder
Samuel Ponder
Megan Hentges
Nikki Graham
Elyssa Luebbering
Katelyn Otto
Cynthia Mackey
Nathan Buhr
Jeremy Prenger
Justin McGuire
Robert Johnson
Whitney Dickman
Tyler Watson
Megan Thomas
Sydney Adams
Shayna Sinor
Kelsey Patterson
Lisa Pratt
Michael Johnson
Teresa Brown
Matthew Finton
April Mertens
Joanne Lewis
Brenda Campbell
Amanda Doron
Allison Redel
Krystal Kronk
Jason Henderson
Adam Koestner
Nikki Wrinkles
Christopher Clarkston
Zoe Russom
Tracina Harrison
Michael Freeman
Tynesha Hardin
Jared Cowley
Jennifer Doyle
Dana Riley
James Pinkston
Jennifer Steinmetz
Dalton Ponder
John Killion
Kayla Holtmeyer
Kenneth Barnes
Sarah Pippins
Gabrielle- Renee Lehmuth
John Jenkins
Christie Tellman
Ryan Hawkins
Erin Schmutz
Nichole Schnelting
Zachery Harris
Laura Davis
Jessica Baumhoer
William Lockhart
Coleen Hastings
Alara Wilbers
Cynthia Adkins
Benjamin Phelps
Jamie Goff
Francis Birkner
Rachel Owen
Melanie Nash


Kansas City – Missouri

First Name
Last Name
Jessica Harwood
Olivia Christensen
Brandon Payne
Andrew Neer
Stephanie Frazier
Sarah Musick
Tiffanie Foster
Sylvia Wightman
Michael Trent
Stacey Lankard
Heidi Martin
Deborah Hokanson
Alissa Caponetto
Amanda Martinez
Jessica Ritter
Curtis Cattau
Sean Shaffer
Francis Che
Tina Lachance
Lucas Wagner
Jennifer Kohl
Jennifer Vance


Lake County – Illinois

First Name
Last Name
Shervonna Rhodes
Tieshma Higgins
Melvin Smith
Shernell Stewart
Victoria Hedlund
Sean O’Toole
Chastity Mitchell
Matthew Rodbro
Amy Randell
Irma Nava
Alejandro Nava
Aleesha Sink
John Fruelda
Ashford Devost
Gavin Cichy
David Berry
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Hannah Marschall
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Kathryn Brown
Ivia Ortega
Cynthia Zepeda
Ainsley McClerren
Jennifer Hillary
Erica Flores
Kelly Golien
Ivan Hernandez-Arizmendi
Janet Montes
Anna Runyen
Cherami Fabian
Rene Marfil
Jenny Devaughn
Michael Jurijczuk
Yasmin Aguiar
Heather Coffelt


Lake of the Ozarks – Missouri 

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Crystal Hardey
Cody Rowcliff
Elisha Lewis
Mary Ann Moore
Donna Puckett
Crystal Wilson
Donald Hines
Robert Bowling
Annette Moorhead
Katherine Peterson
Salina Puckett
Stephanie Nance
Chera Craig
Jesica Burch
Jennifer Bowling
Melinda Wilson
Kristie Shrieves
Kenton Bohon
Heather Abbott
Elizabeth Bradfield
Amanda Wood
Launa Walters
Allysa Valley
Macey Imler
Eric Tyler
Shannon Galiley
Parker Rowe
Michael Kramer
Jenna Rozinek
Nichole Hanks
Keith Gipson
Victoria Wilson
Emily Ball
Jenesy Morales
Nicole Roe
Frances Mallory-Perry
Derric Vonderschmidt
Abigail Blickhan
Stephanie Penachio
Calvin Massey
Allyssa Rodrigo
Jake Young
Brandon Keith
Olivia Hayes
Ann-Marie Holleman
John Howard
Terri Forsythe
Amber Denkler
Douglas Krieger
Holly Esposito
Alyssa Buttner
Janaye Robertson
Kainoa Stankus
Lesli Hendrix
Maci Parrack
Leslie Foster
Reba Millam
Taylor Brown


Lemoore – California

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Lauren Cantor
Jose Garcia
Ashley Hill
James McFetridge
Brett Kollmann
Beau Avila
John Ingraham
Lindsey Duncan
Nicholas Gaeta
Kimberly Traugott


Los Alamitos – California

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Aaron Buss
Pamela Mousseau
Karen Ardon
Charles Powell
James Borm
Kaleah King
William Luck
Alejandro Vargas
Angel Marini
Stanley Jenkins
Juan Saray
Kyle Slominski
Jesse Sluder


Mesquite – Texas

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Jose Antonio Alvarez Valdivieso
Tanya McMahon
Randee Maples
Tonya Beamon
Tamika Glover
Vicente Vega
Felicia Desio
Kimberly Zieba
Tiffany Zieba
James Zieba


Moberly – Missouri 

First Name
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Kara Bichsel
Kallie Harlow
Derick Vollrath
Danyelle Randolph
Ella Mae McCallum
Ashley Eravi
Shane Nanneman


NAS Jacksonville – Florida

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Lamarc Trask
Joseph Burgess
Danielle Lindsay
Wallace Paschal
Orlando McMiller
David McConnell
Adan Gancerez
Lorena Gancerez
Roy Brown
Robert Bardroff
Dean Schoenrock
Joseph Keich
Shaun Malcolm
Harrison Zamudio
Sarita Pringle
Tywinna Horton
Matthew Wess
Daphne Guzman
Sheila Williams
Roderick Campbell
Eric Spanninger


NS Everett/Marysville – Washington 

First Name
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Ashley Bryant
Duane Jones
Larious Norwood
Charles Henry
Dennis Morgan
Matthew Lindhorst
Patricia Samsel
Vickie Cozby
Sherri Gregory
Shawn Ellison
Christy Tala
Laura Wheeler
Dante Magolhado
Jason Sanders
Rafael MacIntosh
Caesar Perez
Angela Davis
Adrian Noel
Kylie Bloedel
Jason Powell
Victor Pendt
Eric Welter
Lindsay Hernandez
Aaron Norman


Online Education 

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Rachel Williams
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Taylor Lewis
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Ashraf Ahmed
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Alison Parthey
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Alexis Kuberski
Kevin Williams
Dennis Hayes
Alexandra Leclair
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Gerald Doughty
Lucas Lunsmann
Kristina Chappell
Garrett Mayernik
Carol Reece
Tammy Moore
Germaine Evans
Tiffany Fuller
Alison Nitti
Samuel Montalvo
David Thurn Valsassina
Crystal Cook
Kevin Irons
Jennifer Clemmons
Jean O’Brien
Alana Yearsich
Susan Dietsch
Layla McMillon
Elizabeth Molizon
Kristy Ladouceur
Corey Beardsley
Alexander Lovato
Tosha Brown
Amanda Morrison
Valorie Rudolph
Allison Brooks
Brian Redman
Heather Yount
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Misti Roberts
Haydee Greeno
Nicole Barnett
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Curtis Mitchell
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Breanna Alderson
Natalie Marin
Sonja Bryant
Monica Coman
Stacey Rogers
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Jessica Valentine
Amanda Holloway
Sandrene Anthony
Benjamin Buchanan
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Jeremy Davis
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Patrick Sprague
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Desmond Sprowl
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Rebecca Schrooten
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Andrew Hogenson
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Shelley Cook
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Teresa Richardson
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Hannah Slocum
Marion Sabum
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Charles Buell
Kathryn Ruble
Erin Lowe
Stephannie Neumann
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Kaitlyn Crawford
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Orlando – Florida

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Patrick Air Force Base – Florida 

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James Panzone
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Alica Zalanka


Redstone Arsenal – Alabama

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Elizabeth Kennedy
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Donald Jones
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Michael Powell


Rolla – Missouri

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Joyce Kilmer


Salt Lake – Utah

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Janette Serdar
Bikash Shrestha
Camila Matos
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San Diego – California

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San Luis Obispo – California

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Springfield – Missouri

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St. Louis – Missouri

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Kayla Wilson


Whidbey Island – Washington

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Ariel Crawford
Rachel Crawford
Daniel Russell
Jacqueline Wilson
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David McInnis
William Stein
Rachel Gonzalez
Brandi Hall
Allison Bennion
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Brittany Rogers
Jessica Jiles
Miguel Gomez
Desiree Vega
Michael Consolver
Brittney Crumpler

Future CPS teachers commit to Columbia College

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Future CPS teachers commit to Columbia College

Tyus Monroe (front row, seated far left) and Consolee Mbabazi (front row, seated far right) gathered with family, friends and Columbia College staff on Wednesday to sign certificates indicating their intent to attend the college this fall as part of the Grow our Own Teacher Development program.

May 17-18, 2017 via the Columbia Daily Tribune, Columbia Missourian and Columbia Public Schools

A Columbia Public Schools program designed to increase the number of minority teachers celebrated a victory Wednesday with the signing of three high school graduates to Columbia College and Stephens College with full, four-year scholarships.

The Grow Our Own Teacher Development Program provides mentors for the selected students throughout high school and their university education. When they graduate from a university and get their teaching certificates, they’re promised jobs in CPS. Hickman High School seniors Consolee Mbabazi and Tyus Monroe will attend Columbia College on scholarships valued at roughly $102,000 each.

Rock Bridge High School senior Nautica Varnum will attend Stephens College on a scholarship with a roughly $120,000 value. Their letters of intent to the colleges also include a commitment to work in Columbia Public Schools as teachers for at least four years, where they’re promised that teaching jobs will be waiting for them. 

Read more:

“Future CPS teachers commit to local colleges” – Columbia Daily Tribune

“Program to increase teacher diversity hosts college signing ceremony” – Columbia Missourian

“EdX Grow our Own Signing Ceremony” – Columbia Public Schools

Columbia College partnering with MU Health Care, Columbia Public Schools to offer Medical Assistant Training

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Columbia College partnering with MU Health Care, Columbia Public Schools to offer Medical Assistant Training

Columbia College, University of Missouri Health Care and Columbia Public Schools will offer scholarships to 20 Columbia Public School high-school students who graduate in May 2017.

The scholarships, funded by MU Health Care, will cover tuition and equipment for a one-year, online curriculum through Columbia College. Students who successfully complete the program will graduate as certified medical assistants (CMA).

“We are proud to partner with local educators to offer these scholarships,” said Peter Callan, director of talent acquisition at MU Health Care. “CMAs play a vital role on our health care teams. This is an excellent way to introduce a medical career path to local seniors who may not realize CMA training is a path they can take.”

CMAs are a part of the team that provides care to patients in outpatient clinics. Some of a CMA’s duties include recording patients’ medical histories, taking patients’ vital signs, preparing blood samples for lab tests and scheduling appointments.

“Columbia College is very pleased to partner with MU Health Care and Columbia Public Schools on this new program,” said Tina Dalrymple, Ph.D., APRN, FNP-BC, nursing and health sciences program coordinator at Columbia College. “With our experience and strength in the online education realm, we believe we can truly make a difference in the trajectory of people’s lives through this program.”

Students who earn scholarships will be paid to work part-time for MU Health Care during their year of online learning. After the students graduate with their certification, they will automatically be appointed to full-time CMA positions with MU Health Care.

“This program is an amazing way for our recent graduates to gain entry into the workforce at a world-class health system,” said Peter Stiepelman, Ph.D., superintendent of Columbia Public Schools. “We’re excited to partner with employers and institutions in our community to create access to opportunities. It also has larger implications that could propel students to pursue medical careers beyond CMA in the future.”

Columbia Public School seniors graduating in 2017 are eligible to apply for the scholarships. The first step is to attend information sessions at their schools. Interested students should ask their principals or high school counselors for information about their schools’ specific information sessions.


Columbia College Nursing program receives $150,000 grant

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Columbia College Nursing program receives $150,000 grant

The nursing program will acquire additional state-of-the-art advanced patient simulators using the grant.

The Missouri State Board of Nursing and the Missouri Department of Higher Education recently announced that the Columbia College Nursing program will be the beneficiary of a $150,000 Nursing Education Incentive Grant.

“It is a tremendous honor to receive this award, which will benefit our students for many years to come,” said Dr. Tina Dalrymple, Nursing and Health Sciences program coordinator. “The grant will allow us to add cutting-edge technology that will increase efficiency in clinical work and allow our students to receive additional hands-on training.”

The program plans to utilize the funds to acquire state-of-the-art advanced patient simulators, peripheral technology and advanced software to aid in students’ clinical skills development. The program currently has two simulators for its students to utilize. The grant will assist in the purchase of additional members of a SIM “family,” including SimJunior and Victoria maternal and neonatal birthing simulators, along with an Obstetric/Neonatal simulation station.

“Our Nursing program continues to produce top-notch health care professionals that benefit mid-Missouri communities,” said Dr. Sarah Vordtriede-Patton, dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. “This grant will allow the program to enhance our class offerings even further to ensure our students’ skills meet the needs of the constantly evolving health care industry.”

This is the first time the program has been awarded the grant. Columbia College currently offers a Bachelor’s in Nursing degree, an RN-to-BSN online nursing degree and an Associate in Nursing degree. For more information, visit

Paying it forward

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Paying it forward

This feature was published in the latest edition of Affinity Magazine! Click here to check out the magazine in its entirety. 

It won’t be long until Michaela Horstman graduates from Columbia College with her Bachelor of Science

degree in Business Administration. When she walks across the stage this spring, the Fulton, Missouri, native will be doing so after only three years in college, expediting her route through higher education by taking summer courses between the spring and fall terms.

Endowed scholarship recipients Ben Burgett and Michaela Horstman were honored at the President’s Society induction ceremony Sept. 22.
(Photo by Kaci Smart)

She’ll also be doing so without any debt from student loans. The scholarships she has received from Columbia College helped see to that.

“The money that I have gotten has really allowed me to focus on my academics and has actually allowed me to get three 4.0s since I’ve been here at Columbia College,” said Horstman, who holds a cumulative grade-point average of 3.78. “I really never thought that going to a private school would be something that I could afford.”

That was exactly what Shelley E. Dale ’69 envisioned when she started the Lois J. Erdman Award for female business majors at Columbia College in honor of her mother. The same goes for Connie Nichols ’05, who started the Alla Mae Baker Memorial Scholarship in honor of her mother to reward exceptional business administration students at Columbia College.

Horstman has received funding from both awards. They give so that students such as Horstman can take full advantage of the opportunities at their disposal.

“I wanted to try and help someone to really go forth in life and make a difference,” said Nichols, vice president of real estate lending at Central Bank of Audrain County. “To me, it’s like ‘pay it forward.’ If I’m helping you to do this, I want my recipient to go ahead and, if they have the opportunity later in life, help someone else at whatever it is.”

Endowed aid helps students from all walks of life at Columbia College. Last year, the school awarded a total of $661,039 in endowed aid to 480 students.

Ben Burgett, a senior from Rocheport, Missouri, is in his second year after transferring credits and is on track to get his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science this spring.

He values the close relationships with professors — assistant professor of Sociology Dr. Aurelien Mauxion and professor of Biology Dr. Nathan Means, especially — that the college provides, as well as the financial help he has received through scholarships provided by Helen B. Maupin ’45 and Central Bank of Boone County.

“Their philanthropy is greatly appreciated. It really allows us, as students, to focus on the academic side of college instead of having to worry about the debt when we get out,” Burgett says. “You’re going to graduate college and then be out in the job market looking for a career, and the last thing you want is a looming debt over your head.”

Horstman plans on pursuing a master’s degree after graduation, with an eye toward becoming a certified public accountant. She interned as an auditor at MFA Oil in Columbia over the summer, and she is currently working as an intern with the college’s Student Success Services. As part of her duties, she plans to go to high schools and communities around Columbia to talk about financial awareness.

Lois Spencer, Horstman’s grandmother, says Michaela has always held full- and part-time jobs in addition to her education and has been very good about saving and budgeting her money, lessons Spencer helped teach Horstman from an early age. She has seen Horstman blossom during her time at Columbia College.

“They’ve helped her and recognized that she’s a smart young lady,” Spencer said. “They have recognized her skills and aptitude and have looked to find extra scholarships to help her to be able to make the school more affordable for her to go there.

“I’m very proud of her and what she’s been able to accomplish, and how focused she is. She set a goal and she’s working toward it.”

Dale said her mother was incredibly gifted financially. But as with most women of her generation, Erdman went to college with the sole purpose of getting an “Mrs.” degree, in Dale’s words.

“I think, deep down, she was probably smarter than my dad, and that’s not taking away from my dad. But, once he passed away, she just blossomed,” Dale said. “I certainly had this whole new look at my mother. I knew she was smart, but I didn’t realize how business smart she was, and how her portfolio just zoomed. That’s what I wanted to do for these young women, give them an opportunity to be able to do the same thing and not have to worry about this tremendous college debt that everybody seems to get out of school with.

“If (Horstman) can get her master’s with that and she’s interested in that, go girl!”

Nichols found it difficult to get through college her first time around because she only received one student loan in the way of institutional support. She returned to school later in life and got her degree one year after her daughter, 2004 Columbia College graduate Brooke Baker.

Getting a college education has been a source of pride for her family. She wants to help others achieve that feeling.

“I was the first one of my generation in my family to get a college degree. In fact, I was the only one,” Nichols says. “I just puff all up with pride (for the scholarship recipients). I really do.”

If you are interested in information on how to start a scholarship, please contact the Columbia College Office of Development at (573) 875-7563.

Online Bachelor’s in Nursing program accredited through CCNE

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Online Bachelor’s in Nursing program accredited through CCNE

nursing-photoDr. Sarah Vordtriede-Patton, Columbia College’s dean for the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, recently announced that the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) has granted accreditation to the college’s online baccalaureate nursing degree program.

“This is a tremendous milestone and stamp of excellence for our nursing program as we continue to diversify our offerings in this crucial career field for our students,” Vordtriede-Patton said. “Nursing Department Chair Dr. Linda Claycomb, Nursing and Health Sciences Program Coordinator Dr. Tina Dalrymple and the entire nursing faculty and staff did a great job spearheading the accreditation process and their hard work and focus has paid off for our program.”

Accreditation through the CCNE for the online Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree opens the door for graduates of the program to obtain additional higher education including master’s or doctorate degrees. The program will also now be able to expand accreditation to all baccalaureate nursing degrees. The online program is one of three different nursing degrees offered by Columbia College, the others being a traditional, in-seat Bachelor of Science degree and an associate in science degree.

Officially recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a national accreditation agency, the CCNE is an autonomous accrediting agency, contributing to the improvement of the public’s health. CCNE ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate, graduate, and residency programs in nursing. For more information about the CCNE, click here.

Networking event helps computer science students make connections

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Networking event helps computer science students make connections

The stereotypical image of a computer programmer — alone in his or her cubicle, writing line after line of code, bathed by the light of the screen — doesn’t really hold up.

From left, alumni Michael Hudelson '10 and Zach Oppland '14 talk with senior Garrett Waage at the Computer and Mathematical Sciences department networking lunch in Dorsey Gym. (Photo by Kaci Smart)

From left, alumni Michael Hudelson ’10 and Zach Oppland ’14 talk with senior Garrett Waage at the Computer and Mathematical Sciences department networking lunch in Dorsey Gym.
(Photo by Kaci Smart)

Many who graduate from college with computer science degrees end up in fields that necessitate teamwork on large group projects, or interaction with co-workers from other departments in information technology.

People skills are a big plus. So is networking ability.

Around a decade ago, Dr. Yihsiang Liow, associate professor of Computer Science at Columbia College, started holding yearly functions to help connect some of his new students with upperclassmen. Over the past five years or so, program alumni started coming back to meet current students.

“It’s to start thinking about the future,” said senior Garrett Waage, a computer science and mathematics double major who is currently interning at Veterans United Home Loans. “It’s a good idea to meet other people and see how they’ve gotten to where they are.”

Waage was one of nearly 30 students that lunched with about a half-dozen alumni in Dorsey Gym on Sept. 29.

The event serves an important function for both sides. Students get to see what it takes to make it in the professional world. Alumni get to scout the ranks for possible interns and future employees.

“Sometimes students that come in have only a vague idea of what they would do with a computer science degree,” says Dr. Suzanne Tourville, professor of Mathematics and chair of the Computer and Mathematical Sciences department. “They just think it sounds like a good field but often they haven’t had any real courses in computer programming or anything as students. So to talk to people that have that, and then the possibility of getting internships, is something that they’re glad to know about.”

Three of the alumni in attendance — Michael Hudelson ’10, Miroslav Lukic ’10 and Zach Oppland ’14 — felt an important part of their role was to provide realistic expectations for prospective professionals.

Lukic is the IT director at McNerney Management Group in Columbia, Missouri, and Oppland serves as his assistant director. Lukic and Oppland met through friends at Columbia College and, when Lukic was looking for a second-in-command, he knew Oppland was a person he trusted from the program that had educated him. Hudelson is a software engineer at Columbia-based The Turning Gear, web design and software development start-up he helped found.

It’s OK if you’re not pulling in six figures a year or two after graduating. If you don’t have a job at Google or Amazon lined up immediately, it doesn’t mean that making a career out of programming is not for you.

Success takes many forms. Not all of them end up on the front of Wired magazine.

“A lot of students maybe read about all the stuff out there, but I don’t think it’s that shiny and bright when you come to real life,” Lukic said. “They read about how, if you’re a developer, you can make $100,000 right away. Maybe in certain areas, certain cities, but not everywhere.”

From left, senior Ryan Frappier and alumnus Miroslav Lukic '10 talk at the Computer and Mathematical Sciences department networking lunch in Dorsey Gym. (Photo by Kaci Smart)

From left, senior Ryan Frappier and alumnus Miroslav Lukic ’10 talk at the Computer and Mathematical Sciences department networking lunch in Dorsey Gym.
(Photo by Kaci Smart)

Or if you do have a job at Google waiting for you, like senior computer science major Ryan Frappier, that’s good, too. Frappier interned at Google each of the past two summers and wants to use his experience working for the company to pursue his true passion project. A visually impaired individual, Frappier wants to help create tools for people who have similar conditions.

He says the networking opportunities presented by Columbia College helped open him up socially.

“The first semester I came here, I was kind of timid,” Frappier says. “But Dr. Liow really encourages all the students to be active, and I just got excited by that.”

New deans position Columbia College for future

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New deans position Columbia College for future

Dr. Shanda Traiser yearned to get back into the world of higher education.

From left: Dr. David Roebuck, dean of Columbia College's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; Dr. Sarah Vordtriede-Patton, dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and Dr. Shanda Traiser, dean of the School of Business Administration.

From left: Dr. David Roebuck, dean of Columbia College’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; Dr. Sarah Vordtriede-Patton, dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and Dr. Shanda Traiser, dean of the School of Business Administration.

She had been a founding dean of the Gary Tharaldson School of Business at the University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D., before becoming the director of strategic planning at Basin Electric Power Cooperative in Bismarck.

She felt at home in academia. Columbia College caught her eye.

“I really missed higher ed. I feel like that’s my true passion,” Traiser said. “I liked what I saw from a community standpoint and then, from the college, that they seem very innovative and open to new ideas and are not an institution that seems like they’re stuck in ‘That’s the way we’ve always done it.’ That’s appealing to me.”

Traiser is bringing her wealth of business and education experience as the new dean of Columbia College’s School of Business Administration. She joins Dr. David Roebuck and Dr. Sarah Vordtriede-Patton as the founding deans in Columbia College’s three-school academic structure, which takes effect for the 2016-17 school year. Roebuck heads the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and Vordtriede-Patton leads the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics.

Roebuck, a longtime Political Science professor at the college, is shifting roles. Traiser and Vordtriede-Patton are still figuring out the campus map after coming on board over the summer. All are committed to using their positions to help shape Columbia College’s future, unifying the home campus with the Nationwide locations and Online Education students under three schools.

“It really gives us the opportunity to move towards a vision of being one college,” Roebuck said. “We made the conscious decision to move in that direction, and this is the thing that gives us that opportunity.”

As the only in-house hire, Roebuck got to roll out the welcome wagon for Traiser and Vordtriede-Patton as they made their transitions to Columbia. That took on a number of different guises, from Roebuck serving as a campus tour guide to him and his wife opening up their home for Traiser and Vordtriede-Patton to stay in while they were looking for housing of their own.

Now, they all work in the same hallway on the third floor of St. Clair Hall.

“We’re going to be a great team. They’re both going to bring in fresh ideas and look at everything we do with new eyes,” Roebuck said. “I like the idea of making things more effective and more efficient. So anything they identify that we’re doing that they think we could do better, I’m certainly in favor of that.”

The goal is for the deans to provide additional perspective and oversight for quality of academic offerings, as well as redistributing job functions from department chairs and the provost and vice president for academic affairs Dr. David Starrett to more appropriate locations within the newly formed schools. Creating an academic leadership team will help chairs and faculty focus more on classes and students. It will also help Starrett focus the institution on initiatives to enhance quality and consistency of academic programs at Columbia College.

Roebuck’s school covers six departments: History, Philosophy and Political Science; Language and Communication Studies; Visual Arts and Music; Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services; Education; and Psychology and Sociology. Traiser’s houses the Business Administration department, and Vordtriede-Patton’s covers Computer and Mathematical Sciences; Nursing; and Physical and Biological Sciences.

Vordtriede-Patton served as the interim dean for two years at the College of Arts and Sciences at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, where she spent the past 15 years before coming to Columbia. The Highland, Ill., native is an entomologist by training.

A “bug lady.”

“The big thing is there’s over a million species of insects. So you can find an example of almost anything,” Vordtriede-Patton said. “They do almost everything. Ants cultivate fungi as crops and herd other insects, called aphids, as livestock. Truth is stranger than fiction in the bug world, I think. Never a dull moment.”

Vordtriede-Patton gained an affinity for Columbia during an eight-year stint in the Army Reserve, during which she drilled in the city. She and Traiser both bring an appreciation for the needs of Columbia College’s sizable military student population, as Traiser spent the six months before she moved to Columbia teaching MBA courses at military bases in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

“I really gained a lot of respect for the military and military spouses, just seeing firsthand all the challenges they have to deal with and how resilient they need to be,” Traiser said.

The Early Fall Session starts at the end of August. Until then, Traiser and Vordtriede-Patton are working to settle in and acclimate themselves to serving their new institution and the Columbia community.

“It’s a very forward-looking position, through academic programs that meet students’ professional and personal goals,” Vordtriede-Patton said. “We have a lot of great programs. Putting resources into those, advertising those, making sure people know we have them, and then also doing really creative things and anticipating future needs.”

Roebuck’s been here for 20 years. He’s ready for the new challenge.

“I felt like one of the academic officers should have some institutional memory, and I felt like I could contribute that to the college,” Roebuck said. “Talk to anybody who knows me: I love Columbia College. I want it to be as good as it can be.”