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Alumna hired as Cass County economic development director

Sandra Allison graduated from Columbia College in 1996 with degrees in history and government; management; business administration; and psychology. She was recently hired as the new economic development director for Cass County and will also serve as the executive director of the Cass County Corporation for Economic Development. She will begin work on May 1. “County hires Allison to lead economic development initiatives” – The Cass County Democrat...

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Grab Your Power Tools

Columbia College, founded as Christian Female College, has a rich history of providing education for women. The opening of the school in 1851 marked the first institution of higher education for women west of the Mississippi to be chartered by a state legislature. Beginning March 1, Columbia College celebrates the history and the contributions of women around the world by hosting a series of events in honor of Women’s History Month. The events share a theme: Do-it-yourself feminism. “Women have been creating their own feminisms throughout history, using the power tools of their preference to address the issues facing...

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