Author: Sam Fleury

Rolla CC 360 Spring Edition

Keep your resolutions! By Mike Lederle, director, Columbia College-Rolla As we head into 2018, many of you have probably already made New Year’s resolutions for the coming year. In need of ideas? I’d like to propose three highly obtainable resolutions for 2018 that won’t end up as forgotten goals. The first resolution is to get started on your degree at Columbia College. If you are interested in Columbia College, don’t postpone starting. I have found the longer you postpone something, the less likely you will accomplish it. Give me a call, and I will guide you through the initial...

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Mesquite CC 360 Spring Edition

Getting out of your own way By Constance Bennett-Williams, director, Columbia College-Mesquite It is a trap that is easy to fall into. You juggle your job/career, your family, your health and college.  There are times you may struggle to keep all the balls in the air and wonder if it would be easier to just let one drop. Should you keep them all in the air? Which one would drop? Are you overthinking it? I can’t answer any of those questions for you. However, I can give you three simple tools to help you get out of your own...

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Lake of the Ozarks CC 360 Spring Edition

True tips for success By Kim Bonine, director, Columbia College-Lake of the Ozarks In this economy, there has never been a better time to pursue a college degree. However, many of our adult students have expressed concerns about their ability to adapt to a classroom environment again. Here are some tried-and-true tips that are just as valid today as they were five, 10 or even 30 years ago. Start the session with good study habits. Do your reading. Work on your assignments before they are due. Spend time each day reviewing your notes. Attend class and show up on...

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Lake County CC 360 Spring Edition

Lake County tutors improve student success! By Lyndon Russell, director, Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County What can students do to improve their academic performance and succeed in college? One cost-effective option is seeking the assistance of a Lake County tutor. Our Lake County location employs five outstanding tutors, each of whom holds a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Three of them are Columbia College graduates who successfully completed many of the same courses you are currently taking. Our tutors are the best! They are patient, professional and willing to help students learn. Using our Lake County tutoring is free for...

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Jefferson City CC 360 Spring Edition

Becoming an “Olympic” student By Andrew Reeves, director, Columbia College-Jefferson City Being the best at anything never comes easy. Commitment, efficiency, focus and persistence are prerequisites to success, whether you are an Olympic athlete or not. As degree-seeking students, success never comes easy, but the habits of an “Olympic” student can ease that struggle. See an advisor regularly and register early. Successful students routinely connect with an advisor when registering to ensure they are balancing the class load with their schedule. Good planning is key to a strong finish. Read ahead. Read the syllabus, get your books and complete...

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