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Freeport CC 360 Spring Edition

School supplies for online students By Sarah Goeke, director, Columbia College of Missouri-Freeport As a student who might be planning to take classes exclusively online at Columbia College of Missouri-Freeport, one might think that all you need to be successful is a computer and a reliable internet connection. Yes, you will need these things, but to be most successful in an online class, you’ll also need a few more things! A US News and World Report article from 2016 highlights the following items that help online students be most successful: Pens and paper. With online learning, you often must...

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Fort Worth CC 360 Spring Edition

The best choice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area By John Hardy, director, Columbia College-Fort Worth Many students who attend Columbia College-Fort Worth are amazed at our low tuition costs compared to other colleges and universities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We do not charge all the added fees that are tacked on to the price of going to state and private colleges in our area. Since Columbia College-Fort Worth is located on a Naval Air Station, we do not charge for parking passes, student service center fees, health care or fitness center fees that most colleges charge. Students are...

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Fort Leonard Wood CC 360 Spring Edition

Career Services By Michael Siegel, director, Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood Are you prepared to be employed? Are you prepared to be interviewed for employment? Are you confident that your resume will impress potential future employers? So, you have finally completed your degree plan and earned your diploma. Congratulations! Now what do you plan to do with your degree? Will you further your education and obtain a master’s degree or perhaps a doctorate? Or will you immediately initiate the search for employment in your field of study and begin your career? How will you accomplish these next steps? Well, have...

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Fort Drum CC 360 Spring Edition

Becoming an “Olympic” student By Christopher Peck, director, Columbia College of Missouri-Fort Drum Being the best at anything never comes easy. Commitment, efficiency, focus and persistence are prerequisites to success, whether you are an Olympic athlete or not. As degree-seeking students, success never comes easy, but the habits of an “Olympic” student can ease that struggle. See an advisor regularly and register early. Successful students routinely connect with an advisor when registering to ensure they are balancing the class load with their schedule. Good planning is key to a strong finish. Read ahead. Read the syllabus, get your books...

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Elgin CC 360 Spring Edition

You’re nearing the finish line By Karen Beckstrom, director, Columbia College of Missouri-Elgin Like a lot of people, I have a love/hate relationship with exercising. As I drive home, I think of excuses as to why I shouldn’t exercise that particular day. Similarly, you probably think of excuses as to why you should postpone doing homework or miss class for the night. I am sure there are times you sit and ponder the amount of time necessary to accomplish your academic endeavors while wondering if you’ll have the energy to continue working full time or handle family priorities while...

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