Brouder Science Center dedication Sidewalks outside the Brouder Science Center were filled with hundreds of people clapping as Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Brouder walked to a podium embossed with the Columbia College logo.

“I consider what the building represents — our student centrism — to be the crowning achievement of my presidency,” Brouder said. “Seeing our names on the building, I could not be more moved.”

An event was held on Sept. 26, 2013, to dedicate the Gerald T. and Bonnie M. Brouder Science Center. Trustees, alumni, faculty, staff, Chamber of Commerce members, family members, community members and friends packed the courtyard as the building was dedicated.

“His goal to strengthen the sciences has very literally been realized in the structure standing before you,” Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 said of Brouder as she began the ceremony.

Dr. Terry Smith, interim president, also spoke about the Brouders’ commitment to the sciences and what visitors can see in the science center. He gave kudos to various people and organizations that helped make a dream a reality. Smith said the Brouders are the “natural namesake” for the building.

“This beautiful new addition to our campus skyline, not to mention the familiar name, will serve as a reminder to us all to continue the tradition of and commitment to excellence in higher education,” Dr. Smith said.

Danielle Bandy, a senior majoring in biology and the president of the Science Club, spoke about the impact the building has on current and future students.

Brouder Science Center dedicationShe said her time spent in the old labs was wonderful because she loved what she was learning, her professors and the experiments they were doing. The facility might not have been ideal, but they had what they needed, she said.

“I always loved what I was doing, but now I love where I’m doing it,” Bandy said.

Other speakers included trustees Web Bixby ’82, Anita Abbott Timmons ’58 and June Hurdle ’83.

Smith also announced the 20th leadership gift to the Tradition Meets Tomorrow Campaign, of which the building was the focal point, from Jolene Marra Schulz ’61 and Bill Schulz.

An overall sense of pride in the college was evident at the event.

“I am forever grateful to Columbia College for giving me the resources necessary to be prepared for the future,” Bandy said. “Because of the opportunities I have been given here, I know I will enter into the next phase of my life with confidence.”