The Strategic Initiative Fund was created as a way to invest in the college’s future. The vision of the fund is to provide college resources for projects that are designed to advance the institution in cutting-edge ways.

The fund will function as an internal grant-funding source that supports college values — especially flexibility, innovation, quality and improvement.

Faculty and staff members are invited to develop a strategic initiative. Any employee may propose a project for funding. The proposal must be limited to three typed pages and include the following:

  • Title
  • Abstract (200-word limit)
  • Institutional need that project will meet
  • Project description
  • Personnel resources required
  • Non-personnel resources required
  • Timeline
  • Budget (must be at least $50,000)
  • External leveraging necessary, if any (e.g. grant or gift)
  • How this project would support the college’s mission and values
  • Intellectual property agreement (the agreement is available from the Screening Committee Chair and must be completed before project can be considered).

Dr. Steve Wiegenstein, associate dean for Academic Affairs, chairs the project screening committee, which will review proposals, provide feedback and recommend the best ideas to the Administrative Council. Final approval will be made by the Administrative Council, but any project that exceeds $100,000 requires approval by the board of trustees’ Finance and Audit Committee.

Submit your proposals to Dr. Wiegenstein. Any additional feedback on the Strategic Initiative Fund can be directed to Dr. Smith.