Columbia College Faculty Staff PlazaThe plaza outside the Gerald T. and Bonnie M. Brouder Science Center was named for a special constituency of the Columbia College community — the faculty and staff.

“Faculty and staff philanthropy has made a significant impact to the Tradition Meets Tomorrow Campaign and, by extension, the institution and the constituents that are served,” said Kevin Palmer, chief information officer. “To honor this collective accomplishment, we have a tradition of affixing a name to an area that will sufficiently recognize the achievement.”

To honor the employees and their contributions, the brick walkway leading to the main entrance of the Brouder Science Center was named the Columbia College Faculty and Staff Plaza. Though some faculty and staff chose to purchase a brick, many offered gifts to the Tradition Meets Tomorrow Campaign and the science initiative without anything specific in mind. Those gifts were partially used to assist in the construction of the science building.

Those who participate in giving to Columbia College are expressing their support of the college’s mission and values, and the college can grow because of those gifts, said Nathan Fleischmann, director of annual giving. A physical building led to improved lab equipment, which leads to the exceptional education of students.

Palmer said a named space is significant when it is backed up by dedication and commitment toward a noble outcome. The plaza signifies the impact that employees have made toward education.

“The importance of this space is symbolic of the daily contributions every faculty and staff member makes in the lives of our students,” he said.