Human ServicesAs the year winds down and we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a good time to look back on 2013. What have we accomplished? What are we thankful for? Where have we made an impact?

The members of the Human Services 345: Working with Communities & Organizations class taught by Molly Remer during the August Session definitely have an anwer to these questions.

From Sept. 3 to Oct. 1, they organized a volunteer hours drive in the Fort Leonard Wood area encouraging people in the community, as well as students, faculty and staff of the campus, to volunteer at least one hour at a variety of local nonprofit organizations including the Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, Good Will, Habitat for Humanity, the YMCA and the United Way, to name just a few.

Participants were encouraged to join a Facebook event that allowed them to log and track their volunteer hours. At the end of the four-week period, the class tallied 474 volunteer hours from all of those in the community who participated! Not only did the class learn a lot about community involvement and working with nonprofit organizations, but they also played an active role in engaging people to participate in making a positive impact on their local community.

Molly Remer and the Fort Leonard Wood campus is very proud of the class and their efforts to take the “Go for Greater” mantra into the community.