Alumni Playing CardsAs a way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Columbia College Alumni Association, the alumni relations department has worked to create a deck of playing cards that celebrate the college.

The cards will “honor the past, present and future of the college in its many forms: its history, traditions, sports, famous alumni, events and more,” said Laura Daugherty, writer/coordinator for Alumni Relations. “We felt it would be a fun, unique way for alumni and friends to engage with the college and learn something in the process.”

The full deck of playing cards features alumni, (Jane Froman, of course), but also others, such as Vinnie Ream, who was only 18 years old when she sculpted a life-size statue of Abraham Lincoln; Sally Rand, who starred in Hollywood films; and Elizabeth Estes Gentry, the first president of what is now known as the CCAA.

The cards also highlight:

  • former presidents, including Luella St. Clair and Dr. Gerald Brouder;
  • buildings around the main campus, including Williams Hall and Federal Hall;
  • traditions, such as the Holiday Lighting ceremony, Military Recognition Day and Storm the Gate;
  • and Adult Higher Education, including Nationwide Campuses and the Online Campus.

Playing cards are a great holiday gift and a wonderful way to celebrate one’s time at and love for Columbia College.

Cards are available for purchase on the Columbia College Alumni Online store and also on campus during Reunion Weekend 2014’s anniversary celebration.