For both the October and January sessions, Columbia College is offering hybrid and Saturday courses. Both the hybrid and Saturday courses will require the student to come to campus only once during the week for that course. Saturday classes will last for a longer period of time than usual, and hybrid courses also require online work.

“We have had students tell us they would like to do hybrid and Saturday courses, so the offerings are in response to student input and the desire to attract student enrollment though a wider variety of offering times,” said David Humphrey, director of the Evening Campus.

October Session
CJAD 325, Juvenile Justice System and Procedures – Hybrid course
COMM 110, Introduction to Speech – Saturday course
PSYCH 395, Adult Psychology – Saturday course
SOCI 111, General Sociology – Saturday hybrid course

The success of the October offerings encouraged the Evening Campus to try some courses in January.

January Session
MGMT 150, Introduction to Business – Saturday course
MGMT 265, Business Law I – Hybrid course
POSC 111, American National Government – Saturday course
PSYC 460, Clinical & Counseling Psychology – Hybrid course
RELI 101, Religion and Human Experience – Saturday hybrid course

“Many of the Evening Campus students do a great job of balancing work and family needs with their educational needs,” said Humphrey. “Having the option of coming to campus only once a week to complete a course meets the needs of some students better than a course that meets twice a week. The Evening Campus desired to keep up with and accommodate changing student needs.”