As part of their Strategic Management course at Columbia College, nine students selected a local business of their choice. They interviewed the owners or managers to discuss daily operations and long-term goals.

The interviews took place in SepFort Drumtember and nine different businesses were selected. Students prepared interview questions and contacted each business representative to schedule an interview.

The students covered a wide range of topics. Student Lacey Northrup met with the CEO of Timeless Frames in Watertown, N.Y. Northrup learned the history of the company, as well as its mission statement, strategy, internal structure and daily operations. The students presented their findings in a classroom setting on the Fort Drum campus.

The following businesses made this project a terrific learning experience:

Bella’s (Clayton, N.Y.); Colonial Voluntary Benefits (Watertown, N.Y.); Dick’s Sporting Goods (Watertown, N.Y.); Jreck Subs (Philadelphia, N.Y.); Les Savons de LouLou! (Carthage, N.Y.); Phyllis Foster Driving School (Adams Center, N.Y.); Ramsey’s Pizzeria (Adams Center, N.Y.); Sonny’s Garden Center (Watertown, N.Y.); and Timeless Frames (Watertown, N.Y.).