“I was wondering how many laps around the track in Dorsey made a mile. There used to be a sign but now it is gone with the renovations. This would be good information to know as the Biggest Loser starts.”   — Julie Koffarnus, senior student success manager, Student Affairs


We asked around, and no one could quite remember – was it 20, 25, 30? The sign has disappeared for the time being, and we can’t find where it was stored during recent renovations! So, I downloaded a pedometer app for my smartphone and started walking.

The accuracy of this answer depends on the accuracy of the GPS on the app and my phone. It took me 33 laps around the top track before it equaled one mile. It seems like one lap is about .03 miles.

For those of you who don’t know about the Biggest Loser, Columbia College is holding the competition that began on Jan. 22 and ends April 2. An entry fee of $20 got participants a t-shirt, free weekly activities and team/individual prizes. The top “loser” receives $250!

— Celia Darrough, public relations coordinator

This is the second installment of “Ask PR,” a column dedicated to answering your questions about the college. Can’t figure something out and don’t know where to find the answer? Email Celia Darrough, public relations coordinator, at cdarrough@ccis.edu.