Jackie ReederJackie Reeder is a senior compliance specialist for the Office of Institutional Compliance. She was recommended to be featured in Connections by Misty Bush, director of institutional compliance. Here’s what Bush had to say:

“I’d like to recommend Jackie McKee as an employee to be featured in Connections. She is a compliance specialist in our office and was just recently married. She has worked for the college for over three years and is involved in the Relay for Life, SACC and the wellness committee. I think she would make a great candidate for the employee focus.”

When did you start working for Columbia College?
I began working for Columbia College as a student assistant in December 2009 and transitioned to a full-time employee in August 2010.

What excites you most about working here?
I enjoy working for the Office of Institutional Compliance. I also enjoy participating in the various events held at the main campus. I have a lot of fun meeting faculty, staff and students and interacting with everyone.

What were you doing previously?
Before I started working at Columbia College, I was working full-time as a daycare teacher in Ashland, Mo., while pursuing my associate degree at Moberly Area Community College. I then completed my bachelor’s degree at Columbia College.

Where are you from originally?
I was born in Carbondale, Ill., and moved to Foristell, Mo., when I was 3. I lived in Foristell until I started high school and then moved to Ashland, Mo.

Who or what influenced you professionally?
I have several individuals who have influenced me professionally. I have been lucky to have a great support system. My parents encouraged me to go to college and pursue a career. I had several high school teachers and college professors (who I still see) who always supported me. I have also been influenced by colleagues and supervisors, past and present.

Tell us about your family.
I recently married my high school sweetheart in October. My husband is so much fun and always encourages me! We live in Columbia with our dog, Bruzer, and cat, Bo.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Some of my favorite hobbies include hiking, kayaking, gardening and cooking. I have a variety of interests, but one of my main interests is environmental science. I am a member of the Missouri Stream Team and enjoy participating in team activities. I regularly work with a small team of water quality monitors to test the water quality of different streams and participate in stream clean-up events.

Favorite book and/or author?
My favorite book is “Dispatches from the Edge” by Anderson Cooper. It is a great book about major events in recent history and has amazing insight.

Favorite food?
My favorite food is tacos!

Favorite type of music?
I like to listen to music that has a catchy rhythm and a great message.

Favorite sports team?
This is a tough one… Football is my favorite sport, so I will go with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tell us something about yourself not many people know.
I have a twin sister.