Beginning summer 2014, the areas of philosophy and religious studies will move under the umbrella of the History and Political Science department, chaired by Dr. Brian Kessel.

Beginning summer 2014, Dr. David Roebuck will begin serving as chair for the Humanities Department, which will continue to include the areas of literature, creative writing, communication and languages, which includes English, Spanish, French, American Sign Language, and new this fall – Japanese.

Dr. Suzanne Tourville, currently on sabbatical, will return as chair of the Math and Computer Science department for the fall 2014 semester.

Questions can be directed to Academic Affairs at (573) 875-7501.

On the staff side of the house, Human Resources will no longer be housed under Administrative Services, but will instead become its own area after a recommendation from outside professionals involved in the HR program review. Patty Fischer has been promoted to executive director of Human Resources, and she will become a member of Administrative Council and report directly to the president.