Scott DalrympleDr. Scott Dalrymple has taken his new position as 17th president of Columbia College.

He will be immediately immersed in the college as his first day includes meetings with the board of trustees. Then he’ll be on hand May 10 to preside over the main campus commencements. Dalrymple will deliver the commencement address and confer the degrees.

In October, a presidential inauguration will take place. There will be a formal inaugural ceremony and a lunch as well as some fun events for Dalrymple to interact with the students, such as a video game competition and a volleyball match and barbecue.

Now that Dalrymple is here, Dr. Terry Smith and Dr. David Roebuck will return to their original positions with the college. Smith, who was interim president, will again be the executive vice president and dean for Academic Affairs. Roebuck, who was interim dean for Academic Affairs, will again be a professor of political science.

Dr. Smith portraitTo honor Smith’s service as interim president, a portrait of him was commissioned by the board of trustees and placed in the St. Clair parlor.

“Over the course of this year, Dr. Smith has been very supportive of incoming president Dr. Scott Dalrymple, working to reinforce the college’s solid foundation to ensure a smooth transition,” Grossnickle said. “We are grateful for Dr. Smith’s leadership and dedication to making Columbia College a leader in higher education.”

At the spring Staff Association Advisory Council, Roebuck said he had an amazing and rewarding experience as interim dean, sentiments that Smith echoed.

“Stay tuned for great days with Dr. Dalrymple here,” Smith said.