Jonathan GriffinJonathan Griffin is a help desk analyst and lab coordinator for Technology Services. He was recommended to be featured in Connections by Noriko Okamoto, a student worker in Technology Services. Here’s what Okamoto had to say:

“I work for Technology Services as a student worker, and I think you should feature my supervisor, Jonathan C. Griffin, who is doing the difficult work of customer service and supervising a bunch of student workers like myself. He is one of those ‘behind the scenes’ guys who people don’t see, but he does a job that without it would affect a lot of people.”

When did you start working for Columbia College?
I started in August 2009 as a student worker in the computer lab.

What excites you most about working here?
I get to speak with both new and familiar people on a daily basis and help solve problems they are having. Each situation is unique, and finding a solution to a previously unknown problem is always exciting for me.

What were you doing previously?
Before starting here, I worked at the JCPenney Catalog department.

Where are you from originally?
I am originally from Missoula, Montana, but lived in Carbondale, Illinois, for most of my life.

Who or what influenced you professionally?
I had an English/Journalism teacher who taught me the value of reinforcing my natural talents and strengths with dedication and perseverance. She was often upset with me due to my lack of attendance in her class, and although I didn’t heed her words at the time, as I got older I began to understand the values she was trying to instill in me, and it has served me well in my professional life.

Tell us about your family.
My dad lives in Texas with my younger sister, and I have two older brothers, one in Columbia and one in Dongola, Illinois. I met my wife, Jessica, at JCPenney, and she recently finished her MBA with Columbia College.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?
I play the drums and bass guitar; I like to write short fiction; and I also enjoy cycling.

Favorite book and/or author?
My favorite books are Ulysses by James Joyce and The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Favorite food?
Chicago-style pizza

Favorite type of music?
I can tolerate pretty much everything except for country and Top-40 type music. Classic rock, jazz and funk are my favorites, though.

Favorite sports team?
I cheer for the Cardinals if for no other reason than when they win, everyone else around me is happy.

Tell us something about yourself not many people know.
I have been brewing my own beer and cider and am working to perfect a few recipes that I hope to one day take to competition.