Louise PhippsLouise Phipps was honored this year as the NAS Lemoore Navy College Program Instructor of the Year for 2014.  She has been teaching at Columbia College-Lemoore since March 2009.

Phipps teaches Introduction to Speech, and every term she teaches, she starts with students who are terrified and would rather do anything in the world than stand up and speak in front of the group. But it’s a requirement, and many students have come through Phipps’ classes not only having survived the class, but also having enjoyed it. Her evaluations prove it. Some of the comments that the students submit include:

  • “She took the edge off the nervousness.”
  • “She created a comfortable environment.”
  • “Interesting and FUN.”
  • “My confidence from speech #1 to speech #4 showed a lot of progress.” 

She’ll tell you herself that on the first day of class, Phipps can hardly get the students to stand up and introduce themselves. But by the last day of class, eight weeks later, she can hardly get them to sit down and has to remind them of the time limit for their speech.

The Lemoore campus offers heartfelt congratulations to Phipps for her recognition as the 2014 Navy College Program Instructor of the Year.

“We are proud to have her on our faculty,” said Betsy Quade, director of the Lemoore campus, “and we look forward to many more years of seeing students become accomplished public speakers under her watchful eye!”