ArchivesDr. Terry Smith, executive vice president and dean for Academic Affairs, and Janet Caruthers, library director, announced the creation of the Columbia College Archives, a unit of the J.W. and Lois Stafford library, which will be located in the lower level of Dorsey Hall.

Smith and Caruthers gave sincere thanks to Bonnie Brouder, former first lady of Columbia College, and Sallie Coley, director of Events, Protocol & Design, for gathering papers, artifacts and other materials over the past several years to begin the unofficial archives. They also thanked Bob Hutton, executive director of administrative services, for coordinating the Dorsey Hall lower level renovation.

“They were instrumental in getting the college archives to this point so more people can learn about the college’s history,” Smith and Caruthers wrote in a letter.

The college is in the beginning stages of hiring a full-time staff member and creating methods of contact. If you have any questions, contact Janet Caruthers at or at ext. 7376. Specific information about the Archives’ resources and services will be announced later.