CC ConnectedDear Columbia College community,

I know. There have been so many changes at the college lately, how can you keep up with it all? We have a new president and now a new website, but without a link to Connections and Compass?

Well, we made one more big change, but I think you’re going to really like it. Welcome to CC Connected, your connection to Columbia College. With the main college website redesigned to cater to prospective students, spotlights, the faculty/staff newsletter and our nationwide blogs needed a new place to live. After a lot of deliberation on where college news should be located, Public Relations worked for months to develop this one-stop shop. Now, instead of visiting multiple websites to find out what’s going on around the college, you can come right here for up-to-date information on alumni, students, faculty and staff, academics, events, military and every single one of our campuses.

Columbia College is one college, and CC Connected reflects that. The homepage includes stories from all areas, so no matter where and who you are, you can easily explore everything and everyone connected to the college.

If you do just want to read about a specific topic, it’s easy. Scroll down on the homepage to see recent articles separated by section, or click on a section at the top to see all the articles geared toward what you want to know. Hover over the “Nationwide” tab, and click a campus to read stories about whichever campus is closest to your heart.

On the right side of the website, you’ll see some special features. The “In the News” section includes links for articles that media organizations have published about Columbia College. The links will take you directly to the publication’s story. Also on the right side of the website are buttons that lead to our social media accounts, including the new social media stream that pulls together posts from all campus accounts as well as from students, faculty, staff and others who use designated college hashtags.

There’s also a place for you to subscribe to a CC Connected newsletter. This newsletter will pull together stories from all areas of the website to provide an overall look of what’s been going on at the college. Be sure to sign up so you can stay up-to-date with fun and personal stories about all our college community members and events.

CC Connected is your connection to Columbia College. We hope you’ll find this website as useful and exciting as we do. Subscribe, come back often and, most of all, stay connected.

Columbia College Public Relations