Columbia College awarded Westling scholarships to 22 students from 17 campus locations for the 2014-15 academic year. The scholarship honors Frank S. Westling, who was a highly decorated infantry officer and former dean of the college’s Extended Studies Division, now Adult Higher Education. The scholarship is non-renewable and is awarded to new students each year.

Congratulations to the scholarship winners!

Brooke Franklin, Kansas City campus; Quinn McColly, Lemoore campus; Courtuere Garcia, San Luis Obispo campus; Amanda Hickey, San Luis Obispo campus; Matthew Preston, San Luis Obispo campus; Danielle Driskel, Coast Guard Island campus; Jenny Jauregui, Los Alamitos campus; Tracy Kembel, NAS Jacksonville campus; Liz Orozco, NAS Jacksonville campus; Arleen Thomas, Patrick Air Force Base campus; Sheryl Evans, Lake of the Ozarks campus; Zach Murphy, Hunter Army Airfield campus; Elizabeth Fallos, Lake County campus; Patricia Peterson, Crystal Lake campus; Erica Fuemmeler, Moberly campus; Michael Fugate, Moberly campus; Nathan Davolt, Fort Leonard Wood campus; Shane Peterson, Rolla campus; Donna Summers, Fort Worth campus; Tanya Shaneyfelt, NS Everett/Marysville campus; Bradley Stilley, Whidbey Island campus.