Abby Price is an alumna you should know! She is a fifth-generation Columbia College graduate, with her great, great grandmother, Mary Virginia Ruth “Molly” Bassett Jennings, having graduated from Christian College in 1871. She completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in-seat from the Springfield campus. To learn more about her family’s Columbia College legacy, read the Winter 2012 Affinity article.

Abby Price with her family

Abby Price holds her son, Julien at a Springfield Cardinals game in July. She is sitting next to her mother, Barbara, and her grandmother Peggy.

Name: Abby Price

Major: Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration, Columbia College-Springfield; currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice from the Columbia College Online Campus.

Tell us about your family: In my household: fiancé Mike and son Julien, 18 months. I am very family oriented, especially close to my grandmother Peggy (“Nonnie”), mother Barbara (Green Price ) ’72, sister Beth (Price ’98) and niece Lily (age six); brother Patton, his wife, Eliza, and their son, Oscar (16 months); as well as many cousins and their families. I lost my dad, Rick, to cancer this past November, right after I graduated from CC in October. He was a true patriarch in our family and is deeply missed.

Tell us about your hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family, and being a mom is my favorite thing thus far in life. I enjoy doing all things baby (or toddler, as of recently). Reading books, going to the park and playing peek-a-boo are some recent favorites. My favorite hobby is swimming and watching my little one learn to swim. He is already swimming under water!

Favorite movies and/or TV shows: Favorite movie: Heathers. Favorite TV show: Shameless or Nurse Jackie.

Tell us about your favorite kind of music/favorite artist/song: Pearl Jam; any and all of their albums from the 90s.

What is your favorite subject and why: My favorite subject is psychology because I love learning about human behavior and what makes us “tick.”

Where are you from originally? Born in Wichita, Kansas; raised in Ozark and Springfield, Missouri.

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be? Why? I wanted to be a basketball player. My dad coached me from age four through high school, and he instilled a true love of the game. Any spare time I had as a child was spent with my dad on a basketball court. I didn’t see the need to do anything else!

Who or what influenced you in your education or your profession? My family and my fiancé supported me greatly to pursue my master’s degree. It was mainly my dad, fiancé and grandmother who told me to just get out there and do it. I had a professor, Dan Schepers, while working on my undergraduate degrees, who sparked a real interest in criminal justice, which led me to pursue that as a second major and later as a master’s. The women working at the Springfield, Missouri, campus (formerly Ozark, Missouri, campus), were more supportive than you could imagine. Holly (Canaday) and Kathy (Gress) have been there with me every step of the way, giving me encouragement, hugs and so much more. I truly could not have made it this far without them.