Kevin PalmerKevin Palmer has been announced as the vice president of enrollment and marketing at Columbia College. He was previously serving as the chief information officer and vice president of information technology.

The change came about after President Scott Dalrymple asked Daisy Grossnickle, chair of the board of trustees, to consider the creation of an enrollment committee that would look at enrollment issues. “Even though it was just formed, the Committee was very helpful in brainstorming various organizational issues that I felt were holding us back.  They endorse the changes,” Dalrymple says.

As vice president of enrollment and marketing, Palmer will oversee the departments of Enrollment Management; Marketing; Admissions; Mail, Imaging & Print Services; and the Student Relationship Management team. Dalrymple says Palmer has worked with his colleagues in Technology Services to create a great service organization, which helps the college’s success. He also mentioned that Palmer is a deep thinker about higher education and a quick study with a keen eye for processes.

“I have every confidence that he will bring to E&M the same high level of energy, enthusiasm, and strategic thinking that he brought to IT,” Dalrymple says.

In an article in the Columbia Daily Tribune, Palmer said his team will take a look at why the college does what it does. To read that story, visit “Columbia College merges marketing, admissions and enrollment”.