Eric Sweet discusses his art with students.

Artist Eric Sweet answers questions from students about his embossed cotton paper displays.

The Sydney Larson Gallery in Brown Hall hosted an inauguration reception Oct. 13 to celebrate the pieces on display by artists Alexis Callender and Eric Sweet. Callender, who completed her Master of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, is an assistant teaching professor in drawing and painting at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Sweet, a graduate of the University of Missouri art program, was on hand to answer questions about his embossed cotton paper creations from current and prospective Columbia College art students.

A student studies Alexis Callender's pieces.

A student studies Alexis Callender’s pieces.

Still on display in the Greg Hardwick Gallery are pieces from the Minnesota Potters.

This week’s inaugural festivities will conclude Friday with the ceremonial installment of Columbia College’s 17th president, Dr. Scott Dalrymple. Students, alumni and friends of the college are encouraged to attend.