2014 Alumni Award winners

The 2014 Alumni Award recipients. Read more about them here.

Columbia College alumni are special people who do amazing things, and we can’t help but celebrate them. Whether they demonstrate outstanding service to Columbia College, contribute to their community or excel in their profession, all Columbia College Alumni Association members are eligible to be nominated for alumni awards using the nomination form on the CCAA website.

To be considered for the 2015 Alumni Awards, nominations must be received by Dec. 31. Awards will be presented at a banquet held in the spring.

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes an alumnus who has attained regional or national recognition in his or her field or who has rendered service to Columbia College or to his or her local community.

Professional Achievement Award

The Professional Achievement Award recognizes an alumnus who has attained outstanding success in his or her chosen career field within the last 10 years.

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award recognizes an alumnus who has demonstrated outstanding contribution in serving his or her community.

Columbia College Service Award

The Columbia College Service Award recognizes an alumnus who has promoted and served Columbia College, made significant contributions and maintained a relationship with the college.

Jane Froman Courage Award

The Jane Froman Courage Award recognizes an alumnus who has demonstrated perseverance to overcome personal obstacles while continuing to better himself or herself personally or professionally. This alumnus also displays a spirit of courage in daily life.

To learn about last year’s award winners, please read “Honoring our alumni” and “A spirit of strength.”