Main campus college colorsOutside of our students, our employees are some of Columbia College’s biggest and best assets. Welcome to these employees who joined the college or changed positions in November.

New employees

Margaret Bradley, records coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Deborah Calo, campus admissions manager, Hancock Field, NY
Emily Heckencamp, student services coordinator, Admissions
Alicia Mathis, processing specialist, Office of the Registrar
Daisy Melendez, administrative assistant, Orlando, FL
Shawn Shackelford, coordinator, Enrollment Service Center
James Walton, coordinator, Enrollment Service Center
Stephanie Whitener, student success advisor, Student Success Office

Promotions & laterals

Micheal Lewis, senior evening and graduate admissions counselor to campus admissions manager, Evening Campus
MaryJane Worstell, director of online academic advising and AHE advisor training

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