For many, TrepTakeover_CCConnected_Boxentrepreneurship is more than a career path – it’s a way of life.

That’s why Columbia College offers a practical entrepreneurship curriculum, helping young entrepreneurs hone their business acumen and launch their ventures. Students across all of the college’s venues are finding the tools they need to get started.

In the Online space, Peter Michael Whalen began participating in startup competitions after enrolling at Columbia College. Using the skills he learned as a Columbia College student, Whalen ultimately was part of the winning team at a Startup Weekend Syracuse competition. Their startup, Music Mashup Weekend, aimed to provide musicians with greater exposure by hosting a 54-hour collaborative event where musicians pitched their skills, formed teams and competed for prizes. Whalen’s team was awarded $2,500 to help launch their venture.

At Columbia College’s Day Campus, Meg Goddard turned a problem into a business opportunity. When she arrived on campus, Goddard, an international student, found that she was lacking some of the essentials: bedding, hangers and toiletries. Working with Fishman Center advisors, Meg participated in the Fishman Entrepreneur of the Year Pitch Competition and secured funding for her startup, Fresh Start, which helps international students prepare for life in a new country.

In addition to the support students receive through the Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship, the college also is proud to present Trep Takeover, an event for young entrepreneurs to talk, innovate and execute.

Trep Takeover, which is in its third year, serves as a day to celebrate student entrepreneurship. This year’s event will feature a panel of successful local entrepreneurs, including local businessmen, Tom Brinker, founder and owner of Cycle Xtreme, and Bryan Simpson, founder and owner of Five Pound Apparel. Each panelist will share insights and experiences valuable to students thinking about starting their own companies. Raja Bhattacharya, director of the Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship, will moderate the panel.

The day will conclude with the Fishman Entrepreneur of the Year pitch competition. Using a “Shark Tank” format, the competition will feature some of the college’s brightest entrepreneurial minds, with the winner receiving a $5,000 award and a seat on the Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. The pitch competition will be held at 2 p.m. in Bixby Lecture Hall.

To learn more about more Raja, and the Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship, watch the video below: