Terry Galloway performs one-woman show. For Terry Galloway, a friend’s cell phone call was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Galloway, a celebrated writer, director and performer, had lived a lifetime of deafness. Completely deaf since age 9, it was when Galloway watched a friend with cochlear implants take a phone call with ease that she decided it was time for her, too. In 2010, Galloway got cochlear implants and was thrown into a new world of sound.

Galloway will be performing her one-woman show “You Are My Sunshine” in Practice Hall March 13. The show is a comic exploration of Galloway’s journey to that defining moment and the experiences with deafness she had along the way.

Galloway, whose deafness was caused by antibiotics her mother was given during pregnancy, immerses audiences in the day-to-day experiences with deafness that led up to the decision to get cochlear implants. The show takes audiences on her life journey, a struggle she conveys with both humor and emotion.

Reviewers have said that Galloway’s hyperbolic telling of her remarkable stories evokes emotions across the spectrum. From hilarious to heart breaking, Galloway brings audiences into her perspective to communicate themes of justice and equality beneath humor.

Galloway has been active in performing arts since 1968, and in that time she has become an activist for disabled, LGBT and other minority communities in the arts.

“You Are My Sunshine” is part of the 2015 Columbia College Performing Arts Series. Galloway has been performing this show since 2012.