Columbia College celebrates Scholarship Day winners.

When Columbia College awards full-tuition scholarships, we don’t just send students a letter.

Each year, Columbia College awards 10 full-tuition scholarships to incoming students through the Scholarship Day program, an interview and essay competition for new main campus students to compete for institutional and endowed funds.

Because these students are so talented and we’re so excited for them to join the Cougar family, we like to surprise them with the news that they won a scholarship in a big way. One of this year’s recipients lives far away (more than 8,000 miles away, in fact), so we couldn’t quite get to her high school to present her with a check like we usually do. But that didn’t stop the admissions team from celebrating with this outstanding student, Van Nguyen.

Nguyen is from Vietnam and currently lives there, so the admissions team, students, faculty and staff got together to celebrate her successes from an ocean away. Nguyen was awarded a $109,504 scholarship, which covers four years of tuition as well as room and board.

The full list of scholarship recipients will be posted soon. Congratulations to Van and all of this year’s Scholarship Day recipients! Welcome to Columbia College!

For more information on Scholarship Day, click here.