Kristina_Miller_ConnectedDr. Kristina Miller, associate professor of education, recently was awarded the 2015 Columbia College Trustees Award for Teaching Excellence. Miller, who has been with the college since 2007, received the award at the annual Honors and Award Convocation event.

“I am incredibly honored, humbled and grateful,” says Miller. “To be recognized in that way for something I truly love doing is about as good as it gets.”

The award recognizes a full-time faculty member who has demonstrated consistent excellence in the classroom and teaches rigorous classes with high academic expectations. Each spring, Columbia College’s Student Government Association nominates three faculty members who they consider to be outstanding teachers. The president, dean for Academic Affairs and the president of the faculty association make the final selection.

“Dr. Miller is highly thought of by her students and colleagues,” says Dr. Terry Smith, executive vice president and dean for Academic Affairs. “She works to build strong relationships with her students, making sure they are comfortable in a real-world setting. She also has a quiet strength. Dr. Miller richly deserves this award, and we’re proud to have her here at Columbia College.”

As an educator, Miller strives to create an atmosphere where students have moments of realization not only about their area of study, but also about the world around them.

“I love when students have those ‘aha’ moments where something they’ve never understood about themselves or others suddenly makes sense,” says Miller. “To me, there is nothing better!”