Columbia College of Missouri-Hancock Field recently hosted its 4th Annual Honor Society Induction Ceremony at its campus in Syracuse, New York. Surrounded by friends, family and fellow students the following individuals were inducted into these honor societies:



Julie Hobbins

Dominic Tedesco

Peter Hakes

Sigma Beta Delta

Daniel Hanley

Trudy McCann

Thomas Murray

Tau Upsilon Alpha

Jessica Borawski

Christine Burrows

Melissa Lee-Sauve

Tammy Lucio

The SALUTE honor society is designed to acknowledge, congratulate, hail, recognize, present arms, and pay homage, respect, and tribute to our active-duty military, retirees, disabled veterans, National Guard and reservists returning to higher education, starting second careers, or helping fund their college careers with military service.

The purpose of Sigma Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and achievement among students of business, management and administration. Sigma Beta Delta also encourages and promotes personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Tau Upsilon Alpha National Organization for Human Services is designed to honor academic excellence; to foster lifelong learning, leadership and development; and to promote excellence in service to humanity.

The Hancock Field campus community will have additional reasons to celebrate this week as it will be hosting a 40th Anniversary celebration Wednesday, June 10 at 1 p.m. on campus.

Several dignitaries will be in attendance including Columbia College president and first lady, Drs. Scott and Tina Dalrymple, for the event. The campus will then hold its commencement ceremony Sunday, June 14 at the John H. Mulroy Civic Center at 11 a.m.

Call (315) 455-0690 for more information on both events.

Jessica Borawski, Dominic Tedesco, Peter Hakes, Thomas Murray and Tammy Lucio

From L-R – Jessica Borawski, Dominic Tedesco, Peter Hakes, Thomas Murray and Tammy Lucio


From L-R - Melissa Lee-Sauve, Christine Burrows, Trudy McCann,  and Julie Hobbins

From L-R – Melissa Lee-Sauve, Christine Burrows, Trudy McCann, Julie Hobbins and Campus Director Dr. Scott Vinciguerra