Salt Lake City Campus Director Jewly Harris welcomes Drs. Tina and Scott Dalrymple to campus

Salt Lake City Campus Director Jewly Harris (far left) welcomes Drs. Tina and Scott Dalrymple to campus.

By Colleen Cusumano and Sam Fleury

As promised in his January 2014 introduction speech, Columbia College President Scott Dalrymple and first lady Tina Dalrymple have successfully completed their presidential tour of each and every one of Columbia College’s 36 campuses.

They visited 13 states, and 18 military bases, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They spent 82 nights on the road and co-hosted 29 events with the Columbia College Alumni Association, welcoming a total of 1,601 attendees. In all they traveled 23,295-miles, nearly the circumference of the earth!

Completing this national tour so early in his presidency demonstrates Dr. Dalrymple’s commitment to the College’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni– wherever they may be.

I’m so glad to have visited all of our campuses,” Dalrymple says. “I learned things that I never could have known sitting in Columbia. It was inspiring to see how we are changing lives all across the country.”

A typical day on the road included a tour of each campus, followed by a targeted business meeting with the campus director.  The Dalrymples also met with all campus staff members before transitioning to an evening event, where they mixed and mingled with local community or military officials, faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

“It was such a pleasure to meet so many phenomenal people at all of our campuses around the country,” Dr. Tina Dalrymple says. “Everyone was so wonderful to us – the hospitality was heartfelt.”

Each campus director led efforts to prepare for the presidential visits, and they deserve a thank you for their contributions towards the success of this ambitious tour.  Thanks also to the Alumni Relations team for their work coordinating 29 events.   It was a collaborative effort, and by all accounts a very successful and beneficial one.

To see some of the highlights of the Presidential tour, click on the link below for a slideshow recap: