Fort Drum campus students are inducted into SALUTE honor societyThe Fort Drum campus was proud to induct 11 members of the student body into the SALUTE Honor Society in June. SALUTE recognizes students who are servicemembers or veterans and have demonstrated a commitment to academics along with their service to the country.

“The induction of these students into the SALUTE is a special moment for our campus in that so many of our students are servicemembers and veterans,” said Chris Peck, director of the Fort Drum campus following the fifth annual ceremony. “It is a demonstration of the ability of these students to thrive academically and shows their fellow students that they too can achieve their educational goals.”

Congratulations to these SALUTE inductees for their achievement:

Sarah Christensen                                           Wesley Grinstead                            Franklin Hilton

Kourtney Brissett                                             Vittorio Grady                                 Josef Smith

Amy Plimpton                                                   William Lalka                                  Nicole Spry

Robert McNeely                                               Mary-Joy Miranda-Guy