Dalrymple_ConnectedColumbia College President Scott Dalrymple will be one of three featured guests on the next ”Issues in Education” radio program on News Radio 550 AM KTRS radio on Aug. 25 at 11 a.m., in St. Louis, Missouri. The program will focus on the topic of “Ensuring the College Dream throughout the Midwest and the Nation” and will be hosted by Martin Kilcoyne and Randy Naughton.

Joining Dr. Dalrymple on the panel will be Dr. Martin Lombardi, president of Maryville College, and Dr. Michael Presimmone, president of Fontbonne University. Dalrymple is in his second year of serving as Columbia College president and recently finished touring the college’s 36 nationwide campuses.

The monthly, 60-minute roundtables are sponsored by Ittner Architects Inc. and feature discussions with leaders in education, focusing on challenges and opportunities, and outlining their potential plans for driving quality education into the future.

These programs include leaders from early childhood through high school, community colleges, universities and corporations that are focused on retraining their workforce. The roundtables are hosted in the Ittner Architects’ Design Gallery.

Listeners can also listen in live to the discussion via the KTRS website at www.ktrs.com/ktrs-streaming.