Main campus college colorsOutside of our students, our employees are some of Columbia College’s biggest and best assets. Welcome to these employees who joined the college or changed positions in July.

Main campus:

  • Kathleen Carter began 7/6/15 as a Help Desk Analyst/Lab Coordinator.
  • Carol Van Waarde began 7/6/15 as a Development Intern.
  • Yao Wang began 7/6/15 as Web Developer.
  • John Brown, Sr. began 7/9/15 as a Marketing Coordinator.
  • Jim Simmons began 7/11/15 as a Test Proctor for Evening Campus.
  • Matthew Vogeler began 7/20/15 as a Graduate and Adult Recruiter.
  • Alvertis D. Barbee began 7/20/15 as a Night Custodian.
  • Dawnn Brown began 7/20/15 as a Night Custodian.
  • Molly Gagnon began 7/29/15 as a Computer Support Technician.
  • William Buck began 8/13/15 as a Campus Safety Officer.
  • Elizabeth Simmons began 8/10/15 as a Content Marketing Strategist.
  • Cassandra Gordon Fletcher begins 8/17/15 as an English Tutor.
  • Thomas Stearns begins 8/17/15 as a Tutoring Coordinator & Writing Specialist.
  • James Smith begins 8/31/15 as Director of AHE Campus Admissions.
  • Kim Calvert, formerly Budget & Business Operations Specialist, began as the Executive Assistant for Vice President of Adult Higher Education on 7/13/15.

Around the country:

  • Hancock Field: William Mulcahy began 7/6/15 as a Building Monitor.
  • San Diego: Christa Lincoln began 7/13/15 as an Administrative Assistant.
  • Hunter Army Airfield: Jared Standridge began 7/20/15 as an Administrative Assistant.
  • Fort Worth: Miles Jordan began 7/20/15 as a Building Monitor.
  • Crystal Lake: Robert Allare began 7/21/15 as a Campus Admissions Manager.
  • Mesquite: Constance Bennett began 8/10/15 as the Director. Ron Ward began 8/10/15 as a Campus Admissions Manager.
  • Fort Leonard Wood: Nala Ray, formerly an Enrollment Assistant I, began as an Academic Advisor on 7/13/15.