Participants in the Student Support Services program gathered for its 2015 induction ceremony in January. Photo by Kaci Smart

Columbia College Trio Student Support Services Program Director Nancy Lombardi recently announced the program has received a $1.15 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The grant will provide funding for the program for the next five years. This is the third time the program has received a grant renewal since its establishment in 2001.

“This grant provides us the opportunity to continue to work with a truly wonderful group of students as they strive toward their educational goals,” says Lombardi. “It is truly rewarding to watch them work so hard throughout the college experience and be a small part of their success. We are extremely proud of our current participants as well as the alumni that have utilized our services.”

The Student Support Services Program is designed to encourage eligible day campus students to complete their college degree. Programming such as tutoring, peer mentoring, financial aid and career services workshops, cultural awareness activities and preparation for graduate school is available for the 160 students currently participating in the program.

Students who may qualify for the program include first-generation college students (meaning neither parent earned a baccalaureate degree), students who meet federal income guidelines and students with documented physical, learning and mental health disabilities. Students must be working toward a four-year degree from Columbia College.

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