college colors dayOutside of our students, our employees are some of Columbia College’s biggest and best assets. Welcome to these employees who joined the college or changed positions in October.

New Associates

  • Johnetta Carswell, Online Test Proctor – began 10/5/15
  • Eric Niesen, Admissions Recruiter (Central Missouri), Columbia, MO – began 10/5/15
  • Kate Rothwell, Online Test Proctor – began 10/5/15
  • Marie Difilppo, English Tutor, Kansas City​, MO – began 10/12/15
  • Stasia Sherman, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Columbia, MO – began 10/12/15
  • Jennifer Ali, Administrative Assistant, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – began 10/19/15
  • Billy Arment, Admissions Recruiter, Columbia, MO – began 10/19/15
  • Felicia English, Campus Admissions Manager, St. Louis, MO – began 10/26/15
  • Jessica Lupardus, Academic Advisor I, Lake County, IL – began 10/26/15
  • Joshua Morton, Custodian, Columbia, MO – began 10/26/15
  • Cheryl Dalgetty, Night Monitor, Fort Leonard Wood, MO – began 10/26/15
  • Michelle Wurtz, English Tutor, Springfield, MO – began 11/2/15
Transfers & New Positions:
  • Christine Angel from Coordinator of Academic Advisor I, Lake County, IL to Campus Admissions Manager, Orlando, FL – began 10/12/15
  • Janette Nichols from Graduate Adult Recruiter, Columbia, MO to Campus Admissions Manager, Jefferson City, MO – beginning 10/12/15
  • Jenna Becker from Administrative Assistant to HR Coordinator, Columbia, MO – 10/19/15
  • Jason Black from Director of Data and Gift Administration to Director of Advancement Services, Columbia, MO – 11/2/15
  • Jane Tibbetts from Data and Gift Administration Specialist to Advancement Services Specialist, Columbia, MO – 11/2/15
  • Kaci Smart from Graphic Designer to Graphic Designer and Photographer, Columbia, MO – began 11/2/15
  • Colleen Cusumano from Social Media Manager to Assistant Director, Digital Media Public Relations, Columbia, MO – began 11/2/15