More than 1,400 smiling, excited friends, families and fans packed Columbia College’s Southwell Complex for the December 2015 commencement ceremony earlier last month. Check out some of our favorite factoids, figures and photos from the day!

  • 260 students participated in the commencement ceremony.
  • 20 nursing students participated in the nurse’s pinning ceremony. Click here to view photos from the event!
  • Students from 22 of Columbia College’s 36 campuses participated in the commencement ceremony.
  • Lt. Gen. Richard C. Harding, USAF, Ret., provided the commencement address. He is also the newest member of the Columbia College Board of Trustees. Click here to see his full speech (which starts at the 29-minute mark).
  • Some of our favorite quotes from Harding
    • “I learned a long, long time ago that individuals rarely succeed alone, that each one of us stands on the shoulders of giants that propel us to success.”
    •  “You must be prepared for the day, when you cannot call a friend for the right answer … or the day when you must stand and deliver your best professional advice, relying on your education, on your training and on your experience … this is the burden of trusted leadership.”
    • “Some days, all you have is what you brought … your education, your self-study, your experience.”
  • The college provided an interactive “Tweet Wall” for the second time for graduates and attendees to post photos and messages for all to see. Click here to check out all of the great posts!
  • This marked the fourth commencement Columbia College’s 17th President Dr. Scott Dalrymple presided over at main campus.
  • This was also the first time in college history that the ceremony included a bagpipe and drum corps that provided the Processional and Recessional.
  • As a symbol of its commitment to global access to education, Columbia College flew the flags of each nation represented by the newest Class of 2015 student body during the ceremony.
  • Columbia College hosted 29 commencement ceremonies across the country at its various campuses in 2015.

And finally, some of our favorite photo memories from the day …