Christina Cook

Columbia College-Fort Worth and VCC worker Christina Cook with Scooter the Cougar.

Columbia College-Fort Worth student Christina Cook recently went beyond the call of duty in her position at the Visitor Control Center. When three men requested access to the joint reserve base with fake credentials, Cook sprang into action.

“I knew at first glance they were fake IDs but had to wait for confirmation,” Christina recalled.

She quietly confirmed her suspicions with coworkers, and the team notified the authorities. Cook stalled the three men while waiting for the police to arrive. The commander of the base, Capt. Mike Steffen, asked everyone on the base to acknowledge Cook’s heroism.

Cook has been a Columbia College student since August 2014 and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has also been a friend to the Fort Worth campus since beginning her tenure with VCC. Cook goes out of her way to make sure college students have an excellent experience when visiting the center, and the staff at the center and on campus feel lucky to have her. Join us in thanking Christina Cook for helping keep NAS Fort Worth JRB safe!