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Outside of our students, our employees are some of Columbia College’s biggest and best assets. Welcome to these employees who joined the college or changed positions in March.

New Associates

  • Natalie Sadler, Building Monitor, Ft. Sill, OK – began 3/6/16
  • Amanda Nobles, Building Monitor, Restone Arsenal, AL – began 3/21/16
  • Shanon Eldridge, Senior Evaluator – Office of the Registrar, Columbia, MO – began 3/28/16
  • Christopher McDermott, Campus Admissions Manager, Orlando, FL – began 3/18/16
  • David Morrison, Public Relations Specialist – Public Relations, Columbia, MO – begins 4/11/16
  • Lindsay Zeiter, Online Program Specialist – Online Education, Columbia, MO – begins 5/2/16


Transfers & New Positions:

  • Lucina Dunn from Process Manager of Online Student Support – Online Education to Director of Quality Assurance – Adult Higher Education, Columbia, MO – began 1/25/16
  • Henry Emerson from Academic Process Coordinator – Adult Higher Education to Director of AHE Academic Support, Columbia, MO – began 1/25/16
  • Katherine Greer from Academic Advisor II to Senior Academic Advisor – Online Education, Columbia, MO – began 1/25/16
  • Robert Klick from Senior Academic Advisor I to Retention Advisor – Online Education, Columbia, MO – began 1/25/16
  • Christine Angel from Campus Admissions Manager to Academic Advisor I, Orlando, FL – began 2/8/16
  • Chris Reimer from Academic Advisor II to Senior Academic Advisor, Jefferson City, MO – began 3/21/16
  • Alicia Mathis from Processing Specialist to Records Coordinator – Office of the Registrar, Columbia, MO – began 2/22/16
  • Rona Prater from Academic Advisor II to Senior Academic Advisor, Lake of the Ozarks, MO – began 2/22/16
  • Amanda Harms from Process Coordinator – Office of Admissions to Academic Advisor I – Online Service Center, Columbia, MO – begins 4/4/16
  • Paula Bate from Administrative Assistant – Online Service Center to Reporting Analyst – Institutional Research, Columbia, MO – begins 4/4/16
  • Alex Kirby from Admissions Counselor to Admissions Recruiter – Office of Admissions, Columbia, MO – begins 4/4/16
  • Kimberly Ater from Enrollment Specialist – Enrollment Service Center to Advancement Services Coordinator – Advancement, Columbia, MO begins 4/11/16

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