Photo by Tom Wolf

*Editor’s Note: Columbia College President Dr. Scott Dalrymple was recently profiled by University at Buffalo School of Management Assistant Communications Director Matthew Biddle. Below is a brief portion of the article followed by a link to the article in its entirety.

From first-generation student to college president

Scott Dalrymple, MBA ’91, grew up in a tiny, working-class community in Upstate New York. Aside from his teachers, he didn’t know anyone who had gone to college.

“College just wasn’t part of my world. In my house, for instance, we didn’t know what the word ‘undergraduate’ meant,” he says. “Our town had a lot of honest, hardworking people, but not a lot of great jobs. College seemed like a way to live like the characters in books.”

Dalrymple earned his bachelor’s degree in English from SUNY Geneseo at 19 years old, and came to UB for graduate studies. A top student in his class, Dalrymple received his master’s in English in 1989 and set out to find a job in advertising.

After searching for books on the industry in Lockwood Library, he discovered they had all been put on reserve by Arun Jain, a longtime School of Management professor who passed away in March 2016. Dalrymple immediately went to Jain’s office, hoping to get him to release the books. Instead, the professor grilled him about his career goals and skillset, ultimately recommending that he obtain an MBA.

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