janie2By Emilie Lewis

Janie Alexander is a certified hypnotist. But it’s her day job that keeps her in Columbia, Missouri, full-time. As a member of the Evening Campus, Alexander teaches a number of psychology courses, including Personality Theory and Lifespan Psychology.

Describing her teaching style as “student-centered constructivism,” she says it’s important to remember that students “don’t come in as blank slates. They come in with a great amount of experience and knowledge.” Alexander sees it as her job to “guide them while they construct their own learning.”

And watching students learn is one of her favorite parts of teaching.

“My favorite thing about my job is watching a student connect the dots to create that ‘aha’ moment,” Alexander says. “When they can take what they learn and apply it to their life, it can be transformational. That is what makes it worthwhile to me: those transformations.”

When she’s not teaching, Alexander is an avid kayaker and often takes whitewater rafting trips. She also loves gardening, reading and spending as much time with her kids and grandkids as she possibly can. Visiting family is “Number One” for Alexander, though going to the many “eclectic restaurants” in Columbia is a close second.

She studied at Southern Christian University in Montgomery, Alabama, but fell in love with the people and the atmosphere in Columbia. Along with the “wonderful parks” and spots for outdoor adventure, Alexander has found that the community in the city of Columbia and at Columbia College have made all the difference.