nollieBy Emilie Lewis

As director of the Music program, Nollie Moore has traveled the world with Columbia College choirs. Touring in England, Australia, China, Italy and more, it’s safe to say the Columbia College performance choirs are pretty well known. As is their director.

A tenor who has done his own share of touring, Moore is an award-winning performer and graduate of the University of Missouri’s School of Music. And reviving the music major at Columbia College has only increased his passion for music and performance.

While teaching voice lessons, working with the performance choirs, running the theater summer camp and heading musicals, Moore said his favorite class to teach is Music Appreciation.

And, throughout his teaching, he believes “that my students would describe my teaching style as parental.” This focus on creating a family-like atmosphere has fostered many incredible talents.

“I have very high expectations, but I also do absolutely whatever it takes to help students realize their best selves,” Moore says.

nollie-musicSeeing students achieve their goals is part of what makes Moore feel that his job isn’t so much a “job.”

“I have the great fortune of doing what I love, and I get paid to do it!” he says.

That love has led Moore to remain in Columbia for 30 years and, throughout that time, he’s found a few favorite things about the city and the Columbia College campus. Along with being a frequent customer at Bangkok Gardens, Moore loves the local music festivals and cites Launer Auditorium as his favorite spot on campus.

“From time to time I sit in the audience and contemplate the history of the performances and performers that have graced that majestic space,” Moore says. “It’s inspiring and a little bit daunting.”

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