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By Barry Moffat

The answer is…pretty much everyone. The old cliché of the career student who switches majors five times and spends twelve years earning a single degree just doesn’t ring true anymore, and certainly not for most Columbia College students.

While our students enjoy their time here (nine out of ten say they are satisfied with their experience), they also have their eyes firmly on the prize: A life-changing degree that can open the door to new career opportunities and increased earning potential.


So how can we help?

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Columbia College is expanding our academic calendar to offer six class sessions each year. So if you are a student taking classes online or at any of our nationwide locations, you will now be able to complete your degree faster.


How fast? 

The graphic below shows how quickly you could complete an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree from start to finish.

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Want to know more about completing your degree faster?

If you are a current student, please visit the six sessions webpage for detailed information.

If you are new to Columbia College and would like to know more, please complete the info request form or call the admissions office at (573) 875-7352.