Coach Duong Pham and the Columbia College eSports team prepare for their quarterfinal match against Ohio State at the Midwest Campus Clash in April, 2017.
(Photo by Kaci Smart)

October 23-25, 2017 –

The home of collegiate eSports is right in the middle of nowhere. Flyover country, they call it. This isn’t the West Coast, where the North American League of Legends Championship Series and Overwatch League live. It isn’t the Northeast with its vibrant fighting game community. No, this is a part of the country best known for being flat. But through a confluence of coincidences and coordination, it’s become the biggest player in varsity eSports, with the most programs in the nation and the most success in the collegiate League of Legends scene. Welcome to Missouri, the home of college eSports. took a trip to tour the state’s five college eSports programs in September to figure out why schools in St. Louis, Columbia and Bolivar became champions of the college eSports craze.

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