sarah goekeMay 15, 2018

via Freeport Journal Standard and WREX TV

A new transfer agreement between Highland Community College and Columbia College will allow nursing students to complete their bachelor’s degree from the comfort of their own homes. Students who earn registered nursing degrees (RN) through Highland will be able to complete their bachelor’s degree (BSN) through online classes offered by Columbia College. The agreement was signed Tuesday. Through the program, students will be able to work in their field, while furthering their education. “Because we’re all online, they can start and stop – they have flexibility,” Columbia College Freeport location director Sarah Goeke said. “Because we have such a good agreement, we’ve eliminated a lot of the redundancies that could potentially happen, so they are able to get done as quickly as possible, which ends up saving the student a lot of money in the long run.” 

“Highland, Columbia College partner for nursing degree program” – Freeport Journal Standard

“Highland Community College teams up with Columbia College for nursing degree” – WREX TV