No fees. No book costs. No surprises. These are the benefits new and current Columbia College of Missouri online and nationwide location students will experience this fall with the launch of the college’s TRUitionSM initiative.

“College pricing is not transparent. There’s tuition, of course, but most colleges pile on all sorts of fees too: application fees, technology fees, lab fees and several others. These fees can cost as much as the tuition,” said Columbia College President Scott Dalrymple. “Beginning this fall, Columbia College will charge an affordable tuition rate for its online and adult-serving venues– charging no fees of any kind, while providing textbooks or eTexts to students at no cost.”

Increasing book costs often prove to be a barrier for students to complete their education. The college will be partnering with Ed Map, a national leader in eText and educational resources distribution, to assure students will have their books and other materials on or before the first day of class at no cost.

Additional fees are also frequently hidden in fine print. Students get hit with fees after they’ve enrolled, during the semester and even before graduation. The TRUitionSM (truth + tuition) initiative eliminates these fees and provides an honest and clear look at the price of college, allowing students to better plan for their financial future. To learn more about TRUitionSM, visit