Faculty member Michael Cross

*Editor’s Note: CC Biz Buzz is a new monthly column series that will feature insightful commentary from a member of the Columbia College School of Business faculty.

 “As you sit and read your Columbia Daily Tribune, chances are pretty good that you’re doing so with a cup of coffee close at hand. Depending upon your preference, it was brewed from beans originating in Colombia, Kenya, Sumatra or some other exotic place. You might be wearing a polo made from cotton fiber from India and assembled in Vietnam, with your feet comfortably shod in a pair of Crocs from Italy, Romania or Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you’re like me, you’ll run some errands in a Nissan Frontier pickup, assembled in Smyrna, Tennessee. If you’re more into heavier bodied trucks, maybe it’ll be your Chevy Silverado, assembled in Silao, Guanajuato (Mexico).”

 “It’s a small, small world” – Columbia Daily Tribune