By Janese Heavin

Eric Leung

Eric Leung ’01

Eric Leung ’01 has some advice for college students.

“Life is changing day after day,” he says. “Just study what you are interested in.”

After all, Leung was interested in computers when he was in college. While his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science might not be what he’s doing today, it taught him logical thinking, he says.

And he’s put that logical thinking to good use. Leung is Chief Operating Officer for Tai Fung Securities Ltd, a Fintech stock brokerage firm that provides service of Hong Kong stock for those living in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In that role, he’s responsible for the growth of business development by providing sales strategies.

What’s a typical day like?

“Busy,” he says. “I manage the day-to-day operation, making sure everything is in compliance with the regulator and driving the sales.”

Leung is also a Responsible Officer for the Securities and Futures Commission Hong Kong and provides regular commentary on the investment market trend for Hong Kong and Chinese media outlets.

Prior to his current position, Leung spent eight years as treasury consultant at CitiBank in Hong Kong before taking the position of Head of Sales at Saxo Capital Markets, where he spent three years.

Leung came to Columbia to attend the University of Missouri but liked the idea of smaller classes. He praises his experiences at Columbia College, saying they helped him not only learn valuable work skills but also improve his English.

“Small classes were better for me to participate and to have more interaction with professors,” he says. “I liked the small classes, which created a good and close relationship between teachers and students.”