Columbia College recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with Scholarship America, an organization that provides increased educational opportunities by sponsoring partnerships between higher-education institutions and more than 810 companies worldwide, over 100 of which are ranked on the Fortune 500 list.

“The opportunity to help employees from the myriad of diverse companies Scholarship America partners with is something we are very excited about,” said Dr. Scott Dalrymple, President of Columbia College. “Our reach as a college is global, as is Scholarship America’s, and this partnership will allow us to continue our mission of changing lives through quality education.”

Through this partnership, Columbia College is able to offer a discounted tuition rate to employees of those companies for classes taken online or at one of its more than 30 locations nationwide. The employees will also have access to the Truition® program, which offers a transparent look at the cost of college by eliminating all fees and providing books at no additional cost.

Columbia College offers six class sessions lasting eight weeks each and is very transfer-friendly, allowing students to complete their degree quickly. For more information on the partnership, or to find out if your employer participates in Scholarship America, please contact Business Partnership Manager Colbey Schuster at or (573) 875-7456.